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How To Love A Man (8 Ways To Show Him You Really Love Him)

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Written By: Naomi Epps

Making a man fall for you is hard work, but loving a man is a piece of cake, right? I hate to disappoint you, but no. Not always, at least. Contrary to popular belief, men can prove to be hard to love at times. Sure they are less complicated than women and sure they might make it seem like they can live with few things, mainly s*x and food. But men have other needs and they expect them from their girlfriends or soon-to-be fiancées. Some might need extra pampering and care, others might be thirsty for support or help, while some might feel the need for none of this. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, but we all live here on Earth, lets not forget that. To come to your help, ladies, here are 8 clever ways to love your man the right way.

Black love 1.Love him for who he truly is. It is counterproductive to spend half of your relationship fighting against your boyfriend’s annoying habits. Love him for his baggy jeans and annoying basketball obsession and learn to appreciate the person he truly is. After all, you don’t want to be dating a puppet do you? Don’t try to project your own romantic ideals upon him – if the guy you are currently with does not share half of your beliefs or life aspirations and ideals, and there are dramatic differences between the two of you, instead of trying to change him, you might want to reconsider your whole relationship.

2.Continue to be the woman he fell in love with. A lot of women make the mistake of changing into a different person once their man commits to their relationship. He will definitely notice and likely won’t be happy with the new woman you’ve become. Now I’m not talking about the natural progression of life, because everyone changes with time. But if you we’re a loving and caring woman that liked to spend your weekend cuddled up watching a movie, its going to upset your relationship if you one day become the type of woman that goes to the club every weekend. Make sure you continue to be the woman he fell in love with.

Black love3.Always hear him out. Even when he is not using words to express his feelings. If you notice the slightest change in his behavior, ask him what’s wrong. Don’t wait for a whole pile of problems to form. Every man wants his girlfriend to understand him – as much as humanly possible, and always saying something like ‘Why can’t you be more like me? I don’t understand why you did that!’ is definitely not the way to go. Remember he is a man. So he will not always do what your womanly brain might tell you he should do. Try to be understanding.

4.Express your gratitude for the things you have done together. If you have spent some great times together, for all of your achievements as a couple, for the things you have managed to go through and overcome together. Plan your future ahead, make him understand that you continue to see him as part of your future, but do not forget to enjoy the moment.

5.Don’t smother him. Your man will know that you truly love him the moment you understand how important it is for him to spend some time apart from you. Do not take it the wrong way, but men also need their alone time, just like you.

6.Feel good Inc. Make your man feel good about himself – he really needs it from time to time, all men do. Truly appreciate his qualities, but be careful not to overdo it. Genuinely show your appreciation and admiration.

7.Reignite the flame every once in a while. Do something completely new or reenact some past relationship memories that have carved your relationship. Our couples challenges section is full of great techniques to reignite your relationship and keep it strong.

Finally, do not forget to learn how to love yourself, so you can love your man the way he deserves.

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