6 Signs You’re A Gold Digger

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Ladies, take a deep breath, take the largest ice cream bowl out of the freezer and brace yourself for some hardcore reading. You’re about to find out if you’re the “I-love-my-sugar-daddy-no-matter-what-his-name-is” type of girl or if you’re more into careers and professional breakthroughs. In other words, you’re soon going to learn if you are a gold digger or a breadwinner when it comes to your relationships.

There are particular behaviors, attitudes, and signs that can make most guys run towards the exits quickly. Your love for his money is, of course, one of them. But let’s take things one at a time.

6 signs you're a gold digger

“Girl look at his car!!!!!”

Sign 1: You won’t date a man unless he drives an expensive car.

If one of the qualifications of you dating a man is an expensive car then it’s very likely that you’re a gold digger. In my hometown they call these women, “Wheel watchers” because they chase after any man that has expensive rims on his car. If you’re one of these women do yourself a favor and stop being so materialistic, fancy rims and a nice car doesn’t make a man rich and your matchmaking criteria should be a lot less superficial.

6 signs you're a gold digger

“Honey I need your help”

Sign 2: You have scammed men outta money.

If you have ever lied to a man and told him you’re pregnant and need money for an abortion (one of the most famous gold digger scams) Or that you need money so you won’t get evicted or some other sad story that ends with you crying and saying “I need your help I just don’t know what to do” followed by a dollar amount that can fix the problem, then I’m sorry to tell you but you’re a gold digger.

Sign 3: “Can I borrow some money, sugar-bear?”

Or, better said, sugar daddy? If money is not exactly something you have on a regular basis, because you’re either jobless, poorly paid or you just have too many salon appointments each month, you might be tempted to ask for some very frequent loans you never pay off. Sure, he’s your boyfriend, so he needs to prove his loyalty and good intentions and all that, but come on now! Don’t you just feel a little awkward, to say the least? It’s like you’re asking him for money in exchange for your bedroom services LOL just kidding ladies don’t brick my car.

Moreover, if you ask him for money right before or after you have sex, it’s pretty obvious you’re only in it for the money. You know he’s willing to accept pretty much anything when things get steamy and all the blood rushes from his head to other parts of his body, so for you to be asking him for “a loan” when he’s clearly hot and bothered is pretty much the most obvious sign that you are in fact a gold digger.

6 signs you're a gold digger

“It must be the cash cause it ain’t yo face”

Sign 4: You will date a guy you’re not attracted to as long as he has money.

If you find yourself dating guys you’re not attracted to just because they have money and can buy you expensive gifts then you’re a gold digger. I mean if you’re not physically attracted to him and you don’t like his personality, then the one thing that’s likely attracting you to him is his bank account.

Sign 5: All your friends are gold diggers.

They say “birds of the same feather flock together” and they aren’t lying. If all of your friends are gold diggers, and you find their gold digging behavior acceptable, then guess what? You’re a gold digger to!!!!!

6 signs you're a gold digger

“Money on my mind”

Sign 6: Your main matchmaking criteria is six figure pay checks.

If the main conversation topic you are truly interested in when going on your first dates is how much money does a guy make, you’re definitely a gold digger. It’s pretty obvious you’re not at all interested to know the person sitting in front of you, but rather his business portfolio. Sure it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into – he might be unemployed and still living with his parents. But having a particular attraction for guys with generous wallets is never a good sign. Love might not be on your list, but finding a cow to milk definitely is.


These are the main elements that could make you a gold digger. If you notice you’re showing most or all of them, you should probably look into the mirror and decide whether you want to be spending the rest of your life sucking the life and money out of your partner or future-to-be husband, or if there’s more you can do with your brains and aspirations. It’s not a bad thing to ask your boyfriend for money and gifts occasionally, but when this turns into a regular habit, you might just be looking for love in all the wrong places.

Is gold digging wrong? Leave a comment and let us know your opinion.

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