Oh No He Didn’t!!!! The Truth About Men Faking Orgasms!!!!!

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The Big O. Nature’s way of saying “Life sucks. Have some candy.” Call it whatever you like – you all know what I’m talking about. An orgasm is your own stairway to heaven, no doubt about it. The thrills, the excitement, the pumping heart, the wild breathing, the involuntary movements and the millions of jolts of pleasure that shoot through your whole body, head to toes…you know the drill.

Sharing an orgasm with your partner is one of the most profound physical and emotional experiences you could witness and be a part of. An orgasm is always going to bond you in ways that you never thought were possible.

Unfortunately, the rate of women who manage to reach an orgasm is not very impressive. Or, better yet, it impresses most of us because of the really low numbers. For most women by the time their partner has finished they just haven’t reached orgasm yet. Women who can‘t, don’t or won’t reach an orgasm usually do their best to prove just how good of actresses they are; they always give the performance of their life and fake what should have been their reward in bed. They choose to hide their impossibility of reaching that supreme state of serenity and they hide behind the dangerous mask of deception, their reasons? You probably know a couple yourself, really caring about their partners’ feelings, wanting to avoid hurting them, feeling frustrated or guilty because of their bad mood that prevented them from reaching the high peak of pleasure…the list can go on and on and each of us can add a different reason to it, no doubt about it.

Now, please allow me to drop a bombshell

For some of you, this might come as a complete surprise, for others, what I’m about to say to you might not be so shocking. Men also fake orgasms!!!!! Yes, you got it right, and your partner might also be hiding the truth, to put it nicely. Now whether you’re laughing your eyeballs out right now or you feel you’ve been knocked down with a feather, it’s time you came to your senses. I’m not making this up and I’m sure the issue must have been raised once or twice during one of your girls’ nights out, and I’m sure you didn’t really manage to come to a generally accepted conclusion. After all, most of your girlfriends thought there’s no way in hell a man could ever fake an orgasm. Male orgasms are just…there, visible and never to be considered suspicious, right?….. Wrong!!!!!

The truth is you don’t have to be related to Houdini to tell if you’re boo is faking his seventh heaven ride between the sheets. Besides, the results of an important study that has been conducted by the psychologists at the University of Kansas which has been published in the Journal of Sex Research are quite irrefutable. It would seem that about 86% of the men who admitted to fake orgasms do it during normal intercourse.

If you’re ready to embrace reality now, it’s time to take a deep breath and put everything under a magnifying glass.

Fact: men ejaculate when they have an orgasm. Additional facts: during intercourse, just like women secrete a lot of natural lube, men also secrete pre-ejaculation liquid, which can be easily mistaken for the real thing. So you see, actually seeing some semi-transparent liquid gathered inside a recently used condom does not necessarily mean your man has hit the Jackpot.

Truth: men also experience pretty much the same wide range of feelings, frustrations and emotions you’re also experiencing on a daily basis. They might be too tired or too worn out from your previous steamy episode, so instead of hurting your feelings, they rather fake their orgasm. Because, let’s face it, we all know how sensitive and paranoid we can get whenever we notice the smallest sign of change in the behavior of our men. So picture your boyfriend telling you he’s too tired or too stressed to make love to you. Yeah, he’s either seeing someone else or he’s not attracted to you anymore right? After all, you’ve put on your sexiest lingerie and the neighbors across the street can probably smell your perfume. So why else wouldn’t he want to make love to you? Oh, wait a minute, could it be you’ve gained a few extra pounds recently? Or are those wrinkles starting to show?! You see why men prefer to fake it? It’s really common sense, isn’t it?

Sex god syndrome

Oh No He Didn't!!!! The Truth About Men Faking Orgasms!!!!!Another reason why men choose to fake the big O is because they feel like we think they are supposed to be some kind of sex gods that are ready to make love at the drop of a dime. Fact: men have their limits too. They feel tired and exhausted, so having sex might be the last thing on their mind on that particular day when you’re all dressed up and ready to unwrap your bedroom present. Additional facts: most men like to protect the “Don Juan” reputation they worked so hard to get, so they like to lead you on and make you think they’re ready to jump on you at any given time of the day. Truth: men do need their breaks too, and they do feel the need to be alone or rest or do whatever, on their own. So instead of explaining all of this to you, they like to hide their “weaknesses” and fake it.

Excessive alcohol use causes erectile dysfunction

Some men might also be experiencing some nasty drinking problems you might not even be aware of. Facts: some men love booze. Additional facts: men who always have a drink one too many also experience erectile problems. In other words, most of them are fighting real hard to keep their champ up and at em for more than 5 minutes. Truth: men who drink a lot are prone to fake their orgasms because they do not have the necessary power to prolong intercourse.

Sometimes the feeling just isn’t there

Oh No He Didn't!!!! The Truth About Men Faking Orgasms!!!!!Facts: all orgasms aren’t created equal, just like women, men’s orgasms also vary in pleasure and intensity from one interaction to another. Additional facts: Just because you see him ejaculate does not mean he had an orgasm sometimes a man will ejaculate and feel a very low level of pleasure or maybe even no pleasure at all. Truth:  He’s not likely to tell you this, instead he will pretend that it was incredible, weird faces and sounds included.

All in all, these are the big secrets that men choose to keep from us, and these are the things that are forcing them to fake their orgasms. So the next time you’re screaming and rolling your eyes in the back of your head faking an orgasm, just think to yourself “I wonder if he’s faking it too?”

Have you ever suspected your man faked an orgasm? Would you be angry if he admitted to doing it? Let’s discuss this more in the comments section.

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