What Is She Doing With Him???? 5 Reasons Opposites Attract

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The beauty of us humans lies in our DNA and our unique personalities and physical traits. How amazing each small but significant difference a small sequence of DNA can bring to each and every one of us! Even identical twins have their own behavior patterns and traits that set them apart from one another. And as much as you would think you’re really acting or sharing the same feelings with your best friend, there are undoubtedly plenty of things that make each and every single one of you truly unique. Again, that’s the beauty of being human.

Now when it comes to men and women, what’s there left to say? Tons of ink has been spilled over this subject: Yes, it’s true; us men are so much different when it comes to expressing feelings, judging things at an emotional level and the list can go on and on forever. But let’s face it: there are men that are unemployed and have beer bellies and are still seen dating or even marrying drop-dead gorgeous women that are professional and seem to be completely out of their league. There are also really sensitive guys who end up engaged or married to ladies who hang out at clubs every night, don’t mind having a drink one too many two or three times a week and like to flirt a lot.

So what’s up with these couples? Could it be that the tales your mother used to tell you about meeting the right man who would sweep you off your feet were a little far fetched?  Isn’t it true that you have more chances of bonding in a perfect relationship if you manage to find a guy that resembles you on every level? Or is it true what they say – that opposites do attract and its way better to find a guy who is nothing like you? Well let’s find out, why do aliens and princesses sometimes connect and make perfectly happy couples and is it really better to date someone exactly like you.

What Is She Doing With Him???? 5 Reasons Opposites Attract

“Hmmm…. I wonder….”

Reason 1: “I wonder what that would be like?”

So why do opposites attract? I can tell you that one of the main reasons is pure curiosity. Simply put curiosity is a highly important trait we all possess, and it pushes us to cross our boundaries and comfort zones. A lot of times a good girl will date a “bad boy” because she wants to see what it’s like to take a “walk on the wild side”. Of course, she doesn’t see it that way, but I can tell you this is one of the big reasons opposites are drawn to each other.


What Is She Doing With Him???? 5 Reasons Opposites Attract

“I love my baby”

Reason 2: Opposites highlight each others’ qualities.

Not all men are caregivers or very giving persons, but if their girlfriends or wives are, their qualities will definitely hit the spot light more inside of their relationship. Walking down the street and seeing a homeless guy might have no effect whatsoever on some men, but at the same time it could leave his companion in tears and make her offer food or money to the poor guy.

Without even realizing it, the lady might feel anger and disappointment because her partner did not show any sign of humanity or compassion. But, at the same time, she might also feel real good about being able to prove to herself she is a bit superior to her boyfriend in that particular area. Of course, that scenario can play out either way, here’s another example in a relationship where the man does not jog a lot and his lady friend is an expert jogger, she can show him what she is made of , and again, this can make her feel really good about her advanced skill level.

So the truth is these kinds of relationships where two entirely different people tend to hold on to each other like glue has its own logical explanation: we all love to feel good about ourselves and dating someone opposite of you will likely make you feel good about yourself by highlighting your unique skills and abilities.

Reason 3: It’s nice to enjoy diversity.

I’m talking about all the fun things ladies can do with a guy who’s into motorcycles, for instance. Elegant ladies usually never get close to motorcycles, but once they have a boyfriend who is really into motorcycles…well, let’s just say these ladies never knew what they were missing out on. But why are these ladies so attracted to these guys whose interest are so different? Simply because all the small or more significant differences in terms of music, TV shows, books, past times, hobbies, holiday destinations and so forth are there to put an entirely new and amazing universe at their feet, and a lot of women are fascinated by that. Plus, being attracted to a guy who isn’t anything like them means going to places they never went to, say for instance going to the museum  or to a basketball game, even though they’re more into clubs and (who would have thought?) growing to love these new destinations they’ve been introduced to.

So why are some ladies attracted by all this? Because they are bored of their never exciting lives and guys like this introduce excitement into their routines; so there is no wonder they feel attracted to a guy who can offer them a new exciting experience on a silver platter each time they go out on a date.

Reason 4: It’s all about the chemistry.

Some ladies might be surprised to look at their partner one day and discover he is not really prince charming. So how come they’re sitting with a guy who is nowhere near as tall as they might have imagined him to be, nor does he have those hazel brown eyes or that businessman sense of fashion they dreamed of. Plus, he’s probably more into beer with the guys, and he grew really fond of that beer belly of his, and he’s always got oil on his clothes and he burps all day long. What’s up with all the “loving”, then? It’s mainly a matter of pheromones and other hormones that are directly related to the feelings ladies (and gents) are experiencing. This is what happens when people fall in love, and the brain starts to give in to their emotions, she probably doesn’t know why, but she knows she loves him.

What Is She Doing With Him???? 5 Reasons Opposites Attract

“You complete me”

Reason 5: They complete each other.

The truth of the matter is no one is perfect, no one has the entire range of qualities up their sleeve and no one knows it all. So whenever ladies fall for guys who are constantly helping them out in the areas they are not very comfortable in, who can man them up whenever they are about to cry for no good reason, who can give them the advice they need and who can love them unconditionally, there is no wonder they feel so attracted to them.

Women need all the security and protection, love and compassion they can get, and ying and yang couples form a unique circle that combines each other’s qualities and defects, and this is probably the supreme reason why these couples are together. So why are ladies attracted to these guys who are nothing like them? Because people in general like to have it all, and dating someone who is so different can offer them that, without them even realizing it.

So whether elegant ladies who love their shopping are attracted to mechanics that love football, or if they’re clubbers or poets, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t give their relationship the push it needs. They should stop caring about the gossiping they know is going on behind their backs and focus on their interior and the things that really matter, they need to stop testing the water with their toes and jump in and swim away. They have absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain, the clock is ticking and your happiness is waiting.

Are you and your man opposites? What do you think it is that has drawn you two together? I would love to hear your story in the comments below.

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