Are You Addicted To Social Networking? (6 Symptoms Of Social Networking Addiction)

Are You Addicted To Social Networking? (6 Symptoms Of Social Networking Addiction)

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If you feel your love life is going down the drain and you can’t really put your finger on the actual motif, it’s time you did some digging. Your guy might be cheating on you, or he might be bored with your dull relationship, in which case both of you should bring out the heavy artillery and pull an “Intervention” episode. But you might be surprised to learn that something as “impersonal” as a social network can be the problem in this picture.

Come on now, really? Is social networking addiction responsible for creating a crater inside your relationship? And is there such a thing as social network addiction anyway? Yes and…yes. You can blame it all on Facebook and Twitter… Yeah, right!!! Really now, these huge social networks can have a great impact on your love life, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You are the one who needs to be taking responsibility because you’re the one who’s spending every moment of your spare time tweeting with strangers, refreshing your status and leaving hundreds of comments on Facebook.

If you’re still not a believer, and you’re still grasping the whole concept of social networking addiction, you’d better read these insightful signs that should paint a clearer picture for you if you are addicted to Facebook and Twitter.

Are You Addicted To Social Networking? (6 Symptoms Of Social Networking Addiction)

“Good morning Twitter”

Sign 1: Tweet morning, honey!

If you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is check out the latest tweets, it’s time to smell the coffee. You might be showing one of the first and most obvious signs of addiction. It’s not normal for you to wake up 5 minutes before your alarm goes off just to throw a glance at your tweets and do some tweeting of your own, Or, God forbid, to tweet your boyfriend or hubby a “Good Morning” message!

If you’re waiting for some important information and the only place to find it is on Twitter, you might be off the hook. But when this kind of behavior shows a pattern of repeating itself, you should probably be on alert.

Of course, the same goes for Facebook comments or profile alterations at 6 in the morning. This is not something the average user does, so there’s no wonder your partner is rolling his eyes every time he hears you typing on your keyboard like crazy every morning.

Sign 2: Sugar with my Facebook, please!

If the previously discussed actions seem to characterize your every morning, the next one should not be a stranger to you either. Whether you or your partner are responsible for making the coffee or preparing breakfast or dinner, the moment you have to engage in the smallest conversation you start talking gibberish. You can’t seem to find the power to really focus and you do or say stuff that barely relates to reality. Your boyfriend asks for a cup of coffee and you start to tell him all about the drama on your Facebook newsfeed.

Then you plug in your laptop or abuse your Smartphone and refresh your Tweeter page every 5 seconds while pouring salt in your coffee lol. Again, there’s no wonder your relationship has suffered. Your addiction might have just started to really grow, and you can still put an end to it. Just analyze your morning patterns for a week or so, talk to your partner and ask his opinion on your twitter and FB habits.

Are You Addicted To Social Networking? (6 Symptoms Of Social Networking Addiction)

“I will only tweet on lunch breaks”

Sign 3: “Office hours are so much fun lately!”

If these words have come out of your mouth recently, and you haven’t found a better job, you’re again showing signs of visible social networking addiction. Your happy office hours are most likely a direct result of all the tweeting you’ve been doing every time you get a chance, no, you’re not just doing it during your lunch hours anymore.

It’s true you started using Facebook and Twitter because all of your friends and co-workers were using them, and you were just curious. But you grew so fond of them that you couldn’t pull yourself together to work 10 continuous minutes without hitting the F5 button. And now it’s all or nothing! You can’t stay away from Twitter or Facebook even when your boss is around, and you’re always using your antennas trying to find out whether you are being carefully supervised or not.

Whenever you cannot control yourself and your work schedule or your workload begins to suffer from your FB and Twitter visits, it’s time to put an end to it, okay that’s a little drastic but you have to at least cut back a bit on your online visits.

Are You Addicted To Social Networking? (6 Symptoms Of Social Networking Addiction)

“I wonder what’s happening on FB?”

Sign 4: You think about Facebook and Twitter all the time.

Again, there’s no wonder your relationship has come across a dark path. You spend every moment of your spare time chatting with strangers or your friends and acquaintances, and you spend the rest of the time thinking about wanting to get online. This can seriously affect any sane relationship, let alone drive it near the end, unless you managed to find a partner who’s into FB and Twitter as much as you then your relationship is probably a match made in heaven.

Sign 5: You have a new best friend, On Twitter.

A lot of folks going through this type of social networking addiction aren’t even aware of it. They just see and feel the results of their addiction,

Are You Addicted To Social Networking? (6 Symptoms Of Social Networking Addiction)

“I have a new best friend!!!”

which can often be translated into seeing their love lives shattered “for no good reason”. By this time, they already have a Twitter follower or a Facebook friend who knows all about their issues and is there to counsel them every minute of the day.

If you’re starting to really identify yourself with these people, chances are you’re doing the same. Instead of working things out with your actual partner, you’re telling a complete stranger all about your relationship issues, Now how wrong is that?

Sign 6: Say cheese, please!

If you’re taking pictures like crazy all day long, thinking to yourself just how good they would look on your Facebook wall and not showing them to anyone until they log in to their account, you, my girl, again have an issue. Plus, if you tend to share literally everything with your friends on Facebook, even your anniversaries and your uttermost intimate moments, you need to face it: you’re addicted to social networks.


It’s time to draw the line, see how many of these signs you’ve started to show and make some drastic changes. Facebook and Twitter addiction can and will eventually lead to disaster in terms of your social life, with special emphasis on your love life. You can even end up having a virtual affair with someone you barely know, so is it really worth the risk? You need to be your own doctor and discover your own addiction before it’s too late. If you experience several or all of these signs, it’s time to take a bite out of real life again and kiss those long hours you spend being idle from your hubby or boyfriend goodbye once and for all.

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