Couples Challenge: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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Even though most couples fear spending time apart because they are afraid their passion for each other might fade, this is a challenge you should take this month. Have your boyfriend rent a hotel room for a week, or you rent one, or you could even go stay with a relative or friend if it’s closer to your job or more convenient.

The purpose of this challenge is to put a spark in your relationship by restricting the amount of time you see each other. The effect it will likely have is the same effect it has on couples that spend large amounts of time apart, say for instance like military husbands and wives.

The moment they see each other after this long hiatus sparks fly, and love is in the air, but why does this happen? Because being restricted from something you love makes you:

  1. Appreciate it more.
  2. It makes you remember the good times.
  3. It causes extreme urges that make you want it like never before.

Now you and your boyfriend can still talk on the phone but absolutely NO VISITS, and I suggest that you limit talk times to less than two hours per day.

This challenge will put an immediate spark in your relationship, the moment you see each other after your brief time apart will be amazing. It will give the both of you a new-found appreciation for the bond you share. Also, people often lose their individual identities when in long-term relationships, this is definitely a good way to rediscover yourself and your own identity, if this has happened to you.

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