Gift Idea: The Affordable Tablet PC- Kindle Fire

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This month we’re reviewing the new Kindle Fire !!!!! Just bought one of these to replace my iPad 2 (my two year old daughter took my iPad and dunked it in the toilet…. SMDH terrible twos) This tablet PC has a nice sleek design, apps, games, Netflix, Pandora, and unlimited instant videos with an amazon prime membership.

The first thing I noticed about the Kindle Fire is how small it is, this thing is small enough to hold with one hand, the touch screen is very responsive, the sound quality is great, and the colors are bright and vivid, this is a nice device and a great alternative to the pricier iPad 2,(check out this comparison chart) at $199 the Kindle Fire offers great value. But if  I were you I would hold off buying for a few weeks, rumor is the Kindle fire will drop down to $99 on black friday, I’m not sure how true this rumor is but I think its worth the wait.

All in all if you decide to buy this for your boyfriend I’m 100 percent sure he will enjoy his new Kindle Fire as much as I have enjoyed mine. Below I have included a Kindle Fire commercial and a few reviews from

“The Fire gives me the features I want at a price point that’s less than half of the iPad 2. I can check my email, browse the Internet, maybe play a few games, most importantly, I can read magazines in color on a Kindle.” – Gizmodo

“At $199 the Fire is less than half the price of the Apple iPad, which starts at $499. It is the first tablet from a major company to seriously undercut the iPad in price.” – New York Times

“Consumers will see the iPad and Kindle Fire side-by-side… and simply ask ‘why does the iPad cost at least $300 more?’ They will look at the features – the comparable amount of content, the Kindle’s million e-books, streaming TV shows – and pick the Fire.” – Extreme Tech

“The Kindle Fire is the tablet you need at the price you’ll be willing to pay.” – Technology Review


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