You Know You Doing To Much!!!! 7 Signs That You Dress Too Sexy!!!!

You Know You Doing To Much!!!! 7 Signs That You Dress Too Sexy!!!!

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If you’re about to go out one evening and you find yourself standing in front of your big mirror, admiring your short skirt and telling yourself just how hot and sexy you are, maybe it’s time to rethink that assumption.

No one says it’s wrong to show a little skin, but you also need to realize that there are certain moments and places where you need to dress more conservative.

Whether you’re going to church or a family reunion, a girls’ night out or a first date, you should probably ease up a little on the tight mini-skirts and exposed cleavage.

These kinds of clothes only tend to send out one signal to men: I’m looking for a quick hook up.

Do you really want that kind of attention? And even if you do, do you really need to be that obvious? There are better ways to attract men.

Ladies you don’t have to show off your goodies to get a man’s attention (and most men you will attract by dressing too sexy will only want one thing anyway.)

But who draws the line between what’s decent and what’s way too sexy when it comes to clothes? Who’s the judge? I’m gonna have to say its intuition. You can just feel when you’re going a bit too far and showing a bit too much. But if your radar isn’t good at detecting when your outfit is a little too sexy, these signs should be clear indicators.

You Know You Doing To Much!!!! 7 Signs That You Dress Too Sexy!!!!

“Gotdamn bro look at that ass!!!!”

Sign 1: You spin me round round, baby…

If whenever you set foot out of the house wearing your normal clothes there are at least 3 guys who turn their heads and start to whistle, saying inappropriate things and checking you out head to toe or even trying to grab you while you pass by them. You’re probably showing a little too much skin. This is one of the most obvious signs that you’re overdoing it.

And it’s not just men who react to you differently. Women will also have a reaction to your way too sexy outfit, it’s just that they aren’t likely to say the things they are thinking out loud.

So if you catch a couple of women checking you out as well, raising their eyebrows, and giving you a look like they smell something funky, you should probably go home and change that outfit lol.

You Know You Doing To Much!!!! 7 Signs That You Dress Too Sexy!!!!

“Damn, that girl back there almost made me wreck my car!”

Sign 2: Drivers abuse their horn when you cross the street.

This sign goes hand in hand with the previous one. If we were to say that the guys from before were only complimenting you on your choice of clothes, or maybe they might have even tried to ask you out on a date, the same cannot be said about drivers.

If guys are honking their horns and screaming pick up lines at you from their car windows, I can almost guarantee that your new outfit is way too sexy.  

Sign 3: All eyes are glued to you when you enter the building.

As a woman, we have a sixth sense that tells us when guys are checking us out whenever we enter a restaurant or bar. It’s completely normal for you to catch a guy or two’s attention when you’re out. But if all the men are staring, and their glares are intense, like you can feel their lingering eyes all over your body and you notice them throwing glances at each other. It’s like you’re completely naked right now – news flash, honey. You probably are pretty close to being nude lol.

Sign 4: Your boss asks you to dress less provocative.

Of course, they can’t impose a certain outfit on you. But when your boss comes and tells you you need to change your work attire because you are creating a distraction around the office, well…you get the point. It’s time to kiss those sexy dresses and high heels goodbye and take a look inside a dress code manual if you’re not sure what your office outfits should look like.

Sign 5: Tease me, please me…

Guys will be guys and they will always appreciate a sexy-looking woman. But that doesn’t mean they actually want to seriously date a woman that dresses too sexy.

It doesn’t mean they don’t like what they see, but they will never appreciate you showing off your goodies while going out with your friends if you’re in a committed relationship. Sure they like you to tease them once in a while and keep the flame of your relationship burning, but they don’t like it when you indirectly tease their male friends too.

So if your boyfriend expresses his jealousy and his desire for you to not show off so much skin, and he has never shown any signs of controlling behavior, he probably has a good point… You’re dressing a little bit too sexy.

You Know You Doing To Much!!!! 7 Signs That You Dress Too Sexy!!!!

“You’re dressed like a cheap hussy”

Sign 6: Papa don’t preach…

If your father or mother or both of them tell you to change your clothes every time you have a family get-together or family reunion, you should probably go shopping for some less revealing outfits. Your super tight jeans and your short skirts are way too much for special occasions with your family.

So, if your family are the ones who have complaints, and they never were the overly conservative types, I’d say it’s a pretty obvious sign that you dress way too sexy.

You Know You Doing To Much!!!! 7 Signs That You Dress Too Sexy!!!!

“Lord please allow Stacy to put less baby oil on her legs next Sunday”

Sign 7: Your preacher has to ask the lord for strength every time he looks at you.

It’s great that you have faith in God and that you go to church every Sunday, but do you really need to take your “Freakum” dress out the closet for Sunday service? The church is the house of God and all of his servants, dressing sexy there is extremely inappropriate.

This kind of outfit won’t do any good. It will just distract people from the sermon and the word of God. So if you notice that people at church keep flashing you glances or the older church ladies are giving you the “you aw ta be ashamed look” lol, next week wear something a little less revealing.


These are the main signs that you’re dressing way too sexy when you’re in public. A general rule of thumb is to wear a skirt or a dress that allows you to actually sit in a chair without having to fear your panties are going to show each time you move. Also, whenever you lean forward, your cleavage should leave everything to the imagination lol. Follow these simple tips and you should be okay.

Remember, there are all different types of men that have different views and opinions of what they think is sexy, by dressing appropriately you will likely attract men that want you for more than just some “no strings attached fun”.

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