The Top 6 Things Good Men Look For In Women

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If there’s one thing I really hate it’s having to change for whatever reason. I used to hate it when my teachers told me to speak in a higher tone of voice so they could hear me or to be more courageous and outgoing. I was always a shy person, so I never really appreciated my boss trying to make me wear different outfits or my boyfriend always telling me to change my hairdo and wear more or less makeup. I never actually appreciated my sister always nagging me about never telling a little lie to save her reputation every once in a while. I have a whole Universe inside me, and I really don’t find it amusing for anyone to step in and try to refurnish the rooms. I’m fine just the way I am, so any type of change can definitely turn my world upside down. This is why I don’t plan on making any important changes – except maybe for some exclusive scenarios involving my better half and his needs and feelings.

Most women have a smaller or larger degree of shyness boiling inside of them that comes out to the surface from time to time. Of course, most of the time they want to look their best and give their best impression in front of people. We also need to be noticed, admired, loved, protected, helped, and inspired. Who can provide us with all this? A few good men. The sad truth is there are fewer and fewer good guys out there, and they also have their precise wants in terms of a woman’s personality, appearance, interests and so forth. So here’s a list of some of the most sought after traits good men are still looking for in women. How is this list related to dramatic changes? Well, some women tend to change small things about themselves just to find a good man. Is it really worth it? Let’s see.

The top 6 things good men look for in women1. Brains and character.

You can be Beyoncé herself – if you have a poor character or some really annoying traits, a good man will probably pull out his “next” card faster than you can say “Take me to the mall and buy me something nice!”

Most men don’t really care about your intellect, but good men do. So it’s really important to take your education seriously, go back to school, read books, maybe even go to museums and art galleries once in a while. A good man will encourage you to talk about your passions, your hobbies, your favorite book, your opinion on the financial crisis and pretty much anything under the sun. So make sure you build yourself a solid background before going on the hunt for one of those few good men.

They want a woman who’s got the brains, the looks, and the character, so if you’re a bit argumentative, you might want to change that. If not for the man standing in front of you, at least for the rest of the folks who are probably having a rough time listening to your unnecessarily strong opinion.

2.”Show some understanding!”

Most guys have friends, and most guys enjoy hanging around their friends once in a while. They also love women who understand their needs to go out for drinks and who don’t make a huge deal out of this. So it would be a great idea to come up with a weekly plan – establish a day of the week which could become his guys’ night out and also your girls’ night out, so no one gets jealous.

Good men also enjoy having their alone-time once in a while, so if a man tells you he wants to sleep in his old apartment from time to time, you should encourage him to do so and pamper yourself while he’s out. Every relationship needs its space, and it’s never a bad idea to show him you care about his feelings and needs.

The top 6 things good men look for in women3. Compatibility between the sheets.

Good men don’t cheat; this is a rule of thumb. But that doesn’t mean they are automatically fully satisfied with your interaction in bed either. They are just too good, too loving, too smart and too compassionate to be cheating on you. Plus, they probably don’t want to cheat either, because they love you too much to be thinking about other women.

To make sure everything’s A-OK between the two of you, make sure you do some opening up, ask him if he thinks your love life should have any changes, maybe try to spice things up a little once in a while. He might be too shy to tell you, but your sixth sense should clearly indicate when it’s time to buy a new negligee.

4.”Talk to me, baby!”

Men love women who are chatty – OK, maybe this is an overstatement, but they definitely don’t like ladies who speak two words every 45 minutes either. They like to have a partner in the real sense of the word, so you’d better boost those communication skills and offer your man the long hours of conversations he needs from time to time. You’ll become much closer and becoming more outgoing might do your social life a lot of good too.

The top 6 things good men look for in women5. Fidelity.

Good men need women who have a clean record when it comes to their former relationships. They won’t open their arms for you if they know you cheated on your ex or anything of that kind. So if you cheated on your ex, definitely don’t tell your new guy about it.

6. Give and take.

Good men need good women who know how to accept their love and compassion, but they also appreciate women who know how to give back. They might not be very good at expressing their feelings, but they definitely need something in return every time they show you their soft side. So don’t play any games – let your feelings lead the way to his heart and always show your love and support.


So let’s recap. Good men need you to show you care about your looks, but not be obsessed with your image, you have to have a pleasant personality and the ability to carry a normal conversation, you have to understand his need to be alone or hang out with his buddies from time to time, you have to be faithful, and your interaction between the sheets has to be great. If you can already offer all of this, you’re one lucky girl. But if you need to make some minor or more dramatic changes, it just might be the right time to do it.

Do you have any tips for women that are looking for good men that you would like to add? Leave a comment and share your advice!

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