11 Things Happily Married Women Understand About Men...

11 Things Happily Married Women Understand About Men…

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What is it that makes happily married women so knowledgeable and successful on the battlefield we call “love”? What are the secret weapons they use? Is there a supreme truth that only women who are happily married lay their hands on? Or are their secrets nothing more than common sense rules that have naturally, but successfully brought them closer to their husbands?

Well, the truth is their success is based on a combination of little known secrets and common sense rules. Including: sharing the same background, enjoying the same stuff, stimulating intellects, humor, and steamy sex? This could pretty much sum everything up…ya think?  WRONG.

Things are slightly more complicated and complex, to say the least. Happy marriages entail a lot of hard work and a lot of sweat to make it through the years. Here are some secrets revealed by some happily married women we interviewed.

1. Family approval means a lot.

Most single women tend to only focus on their partners and they overlook the bigger picture. The reality is that when you are pretty sure you have laid your eyes and heart on a guy that is definitely marriage material, you need to get to know his family and all of his siblings. When you marry a man you are becoming a part of his family, and how you connect with them means a lot to most men. So you definitely need to get to know and respect them and the same goes vice versa.

2. Laughing together will increase his emotional connection to you.

You have to keep your sense of humor, making each other laugh is one of the best things couples can do to keep their bond strong over the course of time. Don’t be too serious it’s definitely in your best interest to share a good laugh with your man every now and then.

3. Respect goes a long way.

You need to truly show just how much you respect your husbands opinions and ideas. You shouldn’t cut him short whenever he’s telling you a story, no matter how boring it might be. You love to talk, I know most of us women do, and it’s great when we have a great listener too. But what about his needs? He might not be the most open person in the Universe, but he sure needs to talk every now and then and he needs to let everything that’s been nagging him out in the open once in a while. So make sure you show him the respect he deserves and your relationship will be successful.

4. Every now and then he needs you to remind him why you love him.

As time goes on sometimes we tend to forget exactly what it was that made us fall in love with a person, but you should never forget about the traits that made you fall for him in the first place. Remember his kindness or his sensitivity every day; take 5 minutes every now and then to go back in time and visualize your relationship and what it was that made you fall in love with him. Maybe even try this tactic to help you both remember old times.

5. Things about him will change over time.

Never forget people change, evolve, and become better or even more silly over the course of time. Make sure you are well aware of that 24/7 and don’t ridicule his newly-found habits or hobbies. Let him discover his new self and work from there. You’re definitely going to change a lot too, so you need to let life happen and blossom together.

6. He loves when you compliment his professional achievements.

Men love to feel appreciated and praised for their important breakthroughs at work. So whether your partner is an attorney, a teacher, or an entrepreneur you can definitely find something in his work that can be recognized with admiration.

7. He wants you to show that you desire him.

Happily married women always tend to refer to their husbands as real treasures. They admire them not only for their emotional traits but also for their physical traits as well. So if you’re able to admire and lust for your man for a really long time, you can rest assured your relationship/marriage will likely be a successful one.

8. He craves common interest.

Yes, it’s true; there are plenty of married couples that have discovered one another due to some common interests, like going to the same school or travelling from different home towns and needing to cope with the new city that is displayed in front of their eyes. So being close to one another, helping and constantly encouraging each other are definitely going to leave some great marks on your relationship.

9. He wants you to be honest and open.

Even though there are things that are probably better left unspoken, or so you think, the reality is slightly different. You really need to tell your boyfriend everything that’s been bothering you, even though it might hurt. Men appreciate honesty a great deal and by being honest and open they will also be encouraged to share their inner thoughts as well. So it’s really a win-win situation and the only way you can really resolve issues in a committed relationship.

10. He needs space and alone time.

Have him also give you the space you need. You can rest assured once a man doesn’t feel suffocated or clustered inside a relationship he’ll grow more fond of it.

11. He’s not trying to hurt your feelings when he gives constructive criticism.

Make sure you consider his “criticism” as nothing more but well-intended information or advice. In a committed relationship, you can’t be too sensitive, there will be many times you and your man will disagree. As long as there’s no name calling constructive criticism is a good thing, it encourages growth.


All in all, make sure you follow these simple steps and your relationship will turn into a successful marriage before you know it. It’s not as simple as 123 but with enough effort you will get there.

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