Date Destination: The Landing Restaurant (Some Of The Best Fresh Seafood Ever!)

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Harbors always seem to have something magical or at least slightly different hidden within them; maybe it has something to do with the fact they are related to water sailing and the encounters between so many different people; all of their stories are brought together over a bottle of beer or coffee, day after day. Accordingly, restaurants that are strategically placed in the immediate proximity or directly in harbors are of course happily included in the same special category of magical places, as they provide travelers with a cozy place to eat and share thoughts.

Marblehead Harbor is such a wonderful place that hosts The Landing Restaurant; the place is quenched in inspirational tales and some kind of mystery always seems to linger here. Maybe it’s because of the appearance or the design of the building itself, maybe it’s the overall picture of the harbor in visitors’ eyes, or maybe it has something to do with the fact that you can almost always hear some real or imaginary tales being whispered within the walls of the restaurant.

Here, you and your boyfriend can enjoy some quiet moments of your own, eating a delicious meal, listening to some music and enjoying laughter. Locals are quick to provide the restaurant with all the fresh seafood it needs in order to supply its visitors with the best foods in the area, while admiring exquisite scenery given by the Marblehead harbor itself. Whatever table you choose, you are likely to see the same incredible view; a table inside the restaurant, or outside the restaurant, directly on the deck should create a true feast for your eyes to see.

Delicious seafood and the perfect wine to match its taste are always going to be a staple of this restaurant, and the menus that do not include trans-fats are definitely going to help your health and figure. The Landing Restaurant also has the friendliest and the most attentive waiters ever, the food size should not pose any problems for even the hungriest stomach; you can have everything from landing stuffed filets, Scallops, lobsters and deserts, plus a special treat – some crazy drinks such as Amaretto Spurs.

The inside of The Landing Restaurant has kept its original local charm, so sit down, watch the harbor from the table you’ve chosen, enjoy your amazing meal, and listen to a band play some relaxing tunes, this is a vacation destination you will never forget.

Address: 81 Front Street, Marblehead, Massachusetts 01945

Price range: *$30-$40* hotel and airfare not included


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