WARNING: Don’t Buy Him Another Crappy Gift- Our Survey Of What Men Really Want For X-Mas

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Few things in life are more fun and exciting than seeing your boyfriend’s face lighting up when Christmas has almost arrived and he knows he’s going to be receiving Santa’s visit real soon. And when the magical day comes and it’s time for him to receive his present, you can almost return to his childhood and see him at the age of 5, gluing his nose to the window and waiting for the fat guy with a beard to come and bring him his toys.

Men are always going to have the little boy from their childhood hidden deep inside, no matter how old they are. So for them the thrills are pretty much the same every Christmas. Now just picture yourself exchanging your X-mas presents with him, imagine him unwrapping his shiny box and see the look on his face when he sees you bought him a….. Snowman tie??? Doesn’t quite match the serene scenario, does it?

It’s true ladies, Men are not very happy when it comes to receiving their presents, and this is mostly because they don’t really like to say what they want out loud, like you do. So while you’re left admiring your brand new watch or a gorgeous bracelet, they’re left with having to update their tie collection, Not fun, Not what he expected Nothing but a crappy gift.

What are the things your man probably wishes he would get from you this Christmas? We went out and surveyed 100 men to get the answer to this question. This week and next week we will be releasing the top three most requested gifts from our survey, enjoy and have a merry Christmas.

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