6 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Boyfriend!!!!

6 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Boyfriend… (Seriously Don’t Do It)

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Questions you should never ask your boyfriend? There are plenty of them.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s great to be yourself when it comes to dealing with the man in your life, or people in general, for that matter.

Why should you pretend to be someone else?

This can’t possibly lead to anything good now, can it? Well, it all depends on the angle you’re coming from.

When it comes to the people you know and care about, ignoring some questions can prove to be the smart decision. I’m not talking about major stuff – always get the skeletons out of the closet. But it’s often better to try to avoid those small, insignificant, offensive or awkward topics.

Let’s take the man in your life for instance. You need to perceive him like your equal, but at the same time, you must never forget that most men are in fact a bit inferior when it comes to emotions, feelings, and expression.

I’m not making this up; researchers have put a lot of work into studies that have revealed some not so very surprising conclusions. According to them, women use more of the verbal, sorting and, of course, detail-oriented left side of their brain, while us men use the right spatial intuitive side of our brains more often. We all know what that means, But acknowledging this can definitely turn your tide of love and bring extreme happiness to your relationship, and that is exactly what you want.

By avoiding a few tricky questions you can improve and strengthen your relationship, so make sure you never ask your man things like…

6 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Boyfriend!!!!

“I wonder what time the game comes on.”

Question #1: What are you thinking about right now?”

Sure it’s great to have top-notch communication and never have to worry about him keeping something from you, but you also need to see things a bit different: Most guys just don’t contemplate happiness or your relationships the way you do. They rarely ask themselves philosophical questions, like you probably do, and they rarely sit around analyzing what happened during the day. They don’t ask themselves right or wrong questions, and they are not stressed about insignificant details.

Sometimes, or, better yet, most times a blank look on your man’s face is nothing more than a blank look on your man’s face. So maybe your guy is just feeling tired or exhausted, or maybe he’s thinking he has to fix his broken headlight in the morning. Don’t go too far imagining he is thinking about leaving you for the corner store waitress and stop asking him what is he thinking about. He needs his space, and you don’t want to bombard him with suspicions. Let your man be and let him enjoy the silence – you know you ladies love your “quiet time” every now and then too.

Question #2: Would you still love me if I was blind/disfigured/crippled?”

Now I know you’re just probably trying to get your boyfriend to tell you the things you want to hear, and this is not really a bad thing. But let him make the first move here lol.

Let him be the one who says “Honey, I would give you one of my arms if you needed it.” Let him tell you how special, cool, funny, beautiful, sensitive, smart and sexy you are, and don’t force him into telling you these words just because you feel like hearing them.

If he doesn’t want to talk about it, he’s likely just going to tell you what you want to hear to get it over with before the Lakers’ game starts anyway.

6 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Boyfriend!!!!

“Not this again.”

Question #3: “Are you cheating on me?”

This is one of those common questions you should never ask your boyfriend for two reasons:

  1. Men who are faithful and haven’t been cheating on their partners will be extremely offended by such questions, and the end result will likely be anger, frustration, and broken trust.
  2. If he was cheating do you really think he would tell you? Likely not, most cheaters don’t come clean until they are busted red handed.

So avoid asking this question, even though you might be suspicious.

Instead of asking outright look for these subtle signs of infidelity.

And if you think he’s lying use this FBI tactic to reveal the truth.

6 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Boyfriend!!!!

“Dang I can’t do nothing.”

Question #4: “Why on Earth would you do that?” 

Especially when by “that” you mean something like career-changing, car-buying or clothes-buying decisions. Most men like to receive advice when they ask for it. They like to see they have strong and independent women beside them, who are not afraid to guide them whenever they are in need. But letting your cat out of the bag can prove the exact opposite.

People hate being criticized for their decisions. So try to show your man just how much you care about him by finding subtle ways of showing how much you appreciate him. One of these ways is by showing him he still holds the power of decision making that is so dear to him.

Question #5: “How am I in bed compared to your ex-girlfriends?”

This is another loaded question that regardless of if it’s true or not, he’s just going to tell you what you want to hear.

Unless you come across a guy who doesn’t care much about your feelings and doesn’t find it too difficult to tell you how much your bedroom performance sucked, as compared to his previous 5 girlfriends, the man sitting in front of you is probably going to have a very difficult time dealing with this question.

It’s better not to step on this ground and keep your curiosities to yourself.

Question #6: “Is this the best you’ve got?”

This is one of the most obvious questions you should never ask your boyfriend, but I still had to add it to this list just in case lol.

Whether you are talking about the duration of your intercourse or the actual length of his pioneer, you should never be so brutal to actually rub his poor performance in bed in his face.

Men are very easily hurt and offended when it comes to these sensitive matters, and these questions could have a destructive effect on your man’s self-confidence and self-esteem. This can really undermine his manhood and change your relationship. If you’ve got some sort of problems in this particular area, take the initiative and engage him in some role playing scenarios and try some new things before you discuss this very delicate issue.


Ladies, please avoid these 6 questions you should never ask your boyfriend at all cost if you don’t want to have a bunch of awkward moments and petty arguments in your relationship. Trust me, these questions and the answers you will receive are just not worth it.

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