Why Do Men Cheat? Here Are the Top 10 Reasons They Gave Us...

Why Do Men Cheat? Here Are the Top 10 Reasons They Gave Us…

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Some people claim that ALL men cheat… This is a debate that has raged on for years and shows no signs of cooling off. Do all men cheat? I don’t necessarily agree with that assumption.

But I can tell you one thing for sure: When men do cheat, they always have a so-called “reasonable explanation” for cheating on their wives or girlfriends.

So why do men cheat? Why do they break the trust of their wives and girlfriends? We wanted to dig deeper into the mindset of men that cheat, so we went out and interviewed 100 men that admitted to cheating in past relationships.

Here are the top “Reasons” our survey revealed…

Why Do Men Cheat

“You changed…”

Reason #1: “You’ve changed.”

Some men notice even the slightest change in their partners’ behavior and appearance.

Supposedly fueled by this, they go out and look for the “old you” in someone else. If you have stopped wearing make-up and getting your hair done just because you have grown comfortable, or if you began wearing baggy clothes around the house, instead of your usual sexy outfits, some men will use this as an excuse to cheat.

I’m not justifying a guy that cheats on you because of this. In no way is his decision to cheat your fault. However, this is the top reason the men we interviewed gave us.

Why Do Men Cheat

“Where the hell is the milk!!!”

Reason #2: “You’re always nagging me!”

Nagging people are difficult to deal with, (and may even be damaging to your health). When you play the part of the always nagging girlfriend, telling your man to do this and that, go here and there, dress a certain way and use a particular cologne, he might feel the need to escape all that to feel free and normal again.

After all, you are his partner, not his mother or high school teacher. Right?

Reason #3: “She was too beautiful to resist.”

This is one of the top answers the men we interviewed gave us for cheating. A significant portion of our interviewees said that they have cheated because they couldn’t resist another woman’s beauty.

Reason #4: “You just don’t get me!”

Many men like to play this card when they need to explain their cheating and deceptive behavior. Blaming it all on the girlfriend or wife and running into the arms of someone else rather than trying to fix things happens quite often.

Reason #5: “I felt the need to experiment.”

Men who have been involved in a long-term relationship, (especially the younger ones), claim they felt the need to see what else was out there and if “they still got it.”

This is what is known as “The Grass Is Greener Syndrome, ” and it has destroyed a countless number of relationships.

Why Do Men Cheat

“I can’t help it. I’m a natural born playa.”

Reason #6: “It’s in my DNA.”

You might have heard this explanation before. Some men claim to have infidelity engrained in their DNA. They feel as if being with more than one woman is a natural inclination they were born with.

Why Do Men Cheat? (Here’s 3 Things Scientific Studies Say)

Reason #7: “You stopped making love to me!”

This is another explanation a lot of men consider firm ground for cheating on their partners. The moment their wives or girlfriends stopping giving them sex on demand they feel it is a big enough excuse for them to find it somewhere else.

Frankly, that’s complete bullshit.

Reason #8: “Because I wanted to get even.”

If you have cheated on your man sometime in the past, having him cheat on you shouldn’t come as a surprise. Some people love to “get even,” and what “better” way could they come up with than doing to you what you did to them? A significant portion of our survey takers gave this excuse as the reason for cheating on a past partner.

Reason #9: “The Internet made me do it!”

With so many websites that are practically screaming “Hey sign up and have an affair!” men claim they find it more and more difficult to stay faithful. Also, with so many escort services that can be accessed online and so many chat rooms that are filled with women looking for new dating partners the opportunity to cheat is abundant. Of course, cheating can also be regarded non-sexual activities like flirting, going on dates, and playing phone tag. The Internet provides the perfect environment for such affairs also.

Why Do Men Cheat

“She meant nothing to me, baby…”

Reason #10: “It was just sex, it meant nothing!”

Not truly an explanation worth considering but a lot of men use it and they feel like what they did is okay because they didn’t have feelings for the person they cheated with. Very often, guys like to play their animal attraction card when they get caught cheating. Associating their actions with nothing more than hormonal needs they are incapable of taming.


These are the top 10 reasons the men we interviewed gave for cheating. If you’ve ever been cheated on, I’m sure you’ve heard at least one of these excuses. And to be clear, that’s what they are… Excuses…

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