8 Obvious Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating (That Are Often Ignored)

8 Obvious Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating (That Are Often Ignored)

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It’s never easy to discover that the person you’re in love with, or that you’re falling in love with has been cheating on you for weeks or months.

The pain we feel when we discover all the lies and deception that was hidden right in front of our faces.

How did we not know?

Unfortunately, many times the signs were obvious, and we failed to recognize them.

Or even worse, we sat in denial. Ignoring what other people easily recognize as signs your boyfriend is cheating.

So how can we not become a victim of either circumstance?

Can you always tell when you are being cheated on and lied to? Can you sense when your trust is being taken for granted? Can you eliminate the mental road blocks that make us deny the obvious?

Today, I’m going to help you uncover the undeniable truth and remove all question from your mind on if you’re boyfriend is being unfaithful or not.

Let’s start the 8 obvious signs your boyfriend is cheating that you shouldn’t ignore with this sign that is often mistaken for something else…

8 Obvious Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating (That Are Often Ignored)

Sign #1: He stops talking to you.

As I just stated, this sign is often mistaken for something else.

He’s tired, he doesn’t feel like talking, he has a lot on his mind.


If your boyfriend used to be an outgoing and talkative person but now all of a sudden you feel like he barely speaks to you and is becoming distant something is probably up.

People’s behavior doesn’t drastically change for no reason.

And to be clear, if he were going through some personal issue that is causing him to be in a solitary mood, you would likely know.

Again, if your boyfriend used to be a big talker and communicative and his behavior has suddenly changed for no apparent reason, and you feel like he’s becoming distant and unresponsive.

Don’t ignore it.

This is often the first, but most overlooked sign your boyfriend is cheating.

Sign #2: He stops showing you affection.

This is another one of those signs your boyfriend is cheating that is mistaken for something else.

But, if he has suddenly stopped showing you the love and affection he used to he’s probably showering that attention on another woman.

No more hugs, no more kisses, no more “I love you’s” in unexpected text messages are all signs that your boyfriend is cheating… Or at the least, he’s unsatisfied with your relationship.

Sign #3: He makes excuses to avoid having sex.

He has a headache? Tired from work? Has a lot on his mind?

Now when have you ever known any of those things to stop a man from wanting sex? ????

Whatever the excuse may be realize it’s an excuse and it’s indicative of something more. Mainly infidelity.

Now, don’t get me wrong… If it’s a one-time occurrence, it’s nothing to be alarmed about.

However, if you’re noticing that his avoidance, or lack of desire to make love is happening more and more often, he’s likely getting it from someone else.

8 Obvious Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating (That Are Often Ignored)

Sign #4: He’s acting weird and suspicious… You can’t pinpoint how it’s just a gut feeling…

Out of all the obvious signs, your boyfriend is cheating this is the one we ignore the most.

Because really there’s nothing concrete to base our suspicions on.

We can just “feel it.”

Well, I’m telling you now, don’t ignore that feeling.

Trust your woman’s intuition.

Several studies have shown that women’s intuition is a real thing.

So trust that nagging feeling that’s telling you that he’s up to something, that his behavior is off, that he’s lying to you.

It’s usually right.

Sign #5: He’s dressing differently.

A sudden shift in wardrobe and style?


Seriously, if your man suddenly went from button ups to skinny jeans something is up.

Either’s he’s dressing to impress the woman’s he’s cheating with or trying to impress a woman that’s caught his eye.

This is especially true if you notice this wardrobe change when he’s going out or going to work.

Which brings me to another one of the obvious but often overlooked signs your boyfriend is cheating that has to do with his clothing…

Sign #6: He’s getting over-dressed for the occasion.

Have you been noticing that he’s getting dressed up to go to work, a friend’s house, or just to make a store run?

I mean seriously, instead of looking like he’s going to the store it looks like he’s going to church… Or on a date…

Yea… He’s probably cheating. Especially if this is a change from his usual behavior.

No man needs to take a shower, shave, put on an Armani button up, slacks, and a fresh pair of Tom’s to sit at a friend’s house and watch the football game.

He’s wayyyy too dressed up for the occasion.

8 Obvious Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating (That Are Often Ignored)

Sign #7: He is overly-protective of his cellphone and often doesn’t answer calls or text in front of you.

This is one of the clearest signs he’s cheating that there is…

But, due to social disapproval, we often feel guilty if we touch or even wonder what or boyfriend’s are doing on their phones.

True, relationships are about trust. And going through your boyfriend’s phone does kinda indicate that you think he’s hiding something or don’t trust him.

However, if you notice he’s secretive or overly protective with his phone, he’s probably up to something.

You have to trust your women’s intuition.

Like I said earlier, that nagging feeling that’s telling you that he’s up to something, that his behavior is off, that he’s lying to you.

It’s usually right.

Sign #8: He stops taking you out.

If your boyfriend suddenly stops taking you out or skips your usual date nights to instead go out with his friends, you should definitely be on the lookout for the rest of the signs on this list.

Any man that can’t find time to spend with his girlfriend is either spending that time with another woman, not that into you or unhappy with the relationship.


If you notice these signs that your boyfriend is cheating, I strongly advise you not to ignore them like so many women do.

Cheating is not only wrong and disrespectful, with so many diseases floating around it could be hazardous to your health.

If you see these signs in your relationship, the next step is getting definitive evidence and confronting him.

If you think your boyfriend is cheating and lying to you the two articles below can undoubtedly help you uncover the truth:

Remember, before jumping to conclusions you want to get as much proof as possible.

Although, if you notice the signs above in your relationship… You probably already have all the proof you need…

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