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There are no less than 6 Gates and Sons Bar-B-Q restaurants in Kansas City, and each and every one of them holds the original charm and light heart that lingered in the air since the day of Gates Barbecue’s grand opening in 1946. The unique sauce recipe led to the rapid growth of the business and the existence of what we can all witness today: the inviting employees who cater to all your needs and some of the best barbecue ever known to man. plus the hosting of numerous professional sporting events and national political conventions that have been and continue to be held within the walls of these great locations.

Gates mixed plate

Gates Mixed Plate

Food always seems to taste much better when you are in a comfortable atmosphere, and Gates Barbecue is definitely such a place. Everyone from the most talented chefs to the managers and sandwich makers are all striving to give their best to each and every one of the meals that they serve, so you and your boyfriend can be sure that your time there will be absolutely amazing. The long 60-year family recipe for Gates Bar-B-Q sauces such as the Extra Hot, Sweet and Mild and the Classic Original, has guaranteed that not one customer has ever left the premises unsatisfied.

Here’s the bigger picture I’m trying to drive home: Gates Bar-B-Q is the place to be whenever you’re feeling up for some delicious Kansas City barbecue.

Trust me, you and your man won’t regret visiting this restaurant.

Address: 1026 State ave, Kansas City, KS 66102
Price range: *$30-$40* hotel and airfare not included


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