Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys? (9 Things That Fuel This Attraction)

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys? (9 Things That Fuel This Attraction)

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Do good girls really like bad boys? And if so, why is that? Is it the chemistry? Is it the element of surprise? Is it the thrills? Is it out of revenge on an all-so-pure lifestyle that is simply not working anymore? Ladies, why are you into bad boys? Let’s discover 10 things that might be drawing you to the back seat of a motorcycle in the middle of the night, with your arms wrapped around a tattooed guy.

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys? (9 Things That Fuel This Attraction)

“I wish a n%$!a would!!!”

Reason #1: Bad boys seem to be more passionate.

Or at least this is the general belief. Bad boys are always more or less consciously associated with passionate activities, and of course love-making is one of them. But they are also thought to be more passionate when it comes to fighting for the women they love or for a social cause. So it is easy to see why the ladies might dig that – no one likes a wimp, right?

Reason #2: Bad boys are more secure.

Ladies tend to prefer a man who has self-confidence and security. If the man they are with is secure at all times, women tend to feel better protected. Bad boys always manage to at least create the illusion of being extremely protective and secure, having their head on their shoulders at all times and taking the bull by its horns no matter what. Who wouldn’t like to fall into the arms of someone like that?

Reason #3: Bad boys make their own calls.

Rarely can these men be forced to do something they do not find pleasing or useful or even inspirational enough. And despite the fact that this might cause some troubles on the relationship front, it can also prove to be quite good when it comes to bad boys not listening to what certain people gotta say, right? A man who sticks to his beliefs and who makes his own decisions is definitely a sexy man, and all ladies dig these brothers.

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys? (9 Things That Fuel This Attraction)

“Does this smoke cloud make me look mysterious?”

Reason #4: Bad boys are mysterious.

They somehow always manage to create and maintain an aura of mystery around themselves. And even though the ladies love to know their men by heart, some of them also prefer to have certain things hidden from them. Something in their man’s past that is hidden, that he never talks about, just drives them crazy.

Reason #5: Bad boys are quieter.

You can somehow always spot them sitting in a dark corner of a bar, looking meditative and thinking about God knows what. This scenario just can’t keep the ladies away. Bad boys seem to have a lot on their minds, but they are having problems expressing it at times, and this is of course because of the tough character they need to show. This is also something that ladies consider highly appealing.

Reason #6: Bad boys force the bad side out of a good girl.

All good girls like to picture what their life would look like should they be on the bad side. Bad boys manage to help them achieve just that and help them get rid of their shyness.

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys? (9 Things That Fuel This Attraction)

(Girl) “Come on honey you’ll look good”
(Guy)”I’m not wearing no damn matching outfits!”

Reason #7: Bad boys offer continuous challenges.

You might think that good girls like to have tons of stability in their lives or that they might want a guy who always does what they want him to do. But the reality stands a little different. Girls need to be challenged from time to time. They need to be with a guy who can challenge them both psychologically and physically, one who likes to reinvent himself at times and one who challenges them to do the same.

Reason #8: Bad boys are never boring.

They always have something to do, places to go, people to see. You can’t say you dislike traveling together and going on new. adventures all the time. At times, their adventures might prove to be just a tad more dangerous than a good girl might expect, but that is the fun in going out with such a bad boy, anyway.

Reason #9: Bad boys want to become good.

At least, some of them. And who else could better accomplish this than a good girl? Nice girls always tend to have a blind spot when it comes to bad boys gone good, and they just adore seeing them change. They are also highly interested in helping them change and being able to brag about this accomplishment. “He used to be in a gang, but he changed all that when he got with me!”


Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of the reasons why good girls usually fall for bad boys, but it should give you a more clearer idea as to what might be happening if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. Plus, everyone falls in love for different reasons, what one woman would consider to be attractive might be completely repulsive to another one.

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