Does He Love Me? (6 Signs He Really Does)

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True love is really difficult to obtain, and it can so easily be misinterpreted or mistaken for other similar feelings like infatuation or lust…

So, what can you do if you find yourself asking the question “Does he love me?

How can you really tell if he loves you in the uttermost deep and sincere meaning of the word? And how can you know if he’s just messing around, playing childish games and lying to you for one reason or another?

Well, they say women have an internal radar they’re born with, and this radar can prove to be one of our most trusted tools to spot liars and frauds from miles away. So basically all you need to do is turn your radar on and let the games begin.

But can you rely on your hunches or do you need something more reassuring than gut feelings? The truth is our radars can often fool us. And that’s where things begin to go wrong for us.

So does he really love you?

Be on the lookout for these signs to determine if he really does… Or if you’re heading towards another heartbreak…

Does He Love Me? -6 Signs He Really Does

Sign 1: He hugs you while he’s sleeping. 

One of the cutest and most solid proofs of affection your partner can probably show you is something as simple as putting his arms around you while he’s sleeping. “Forcing” you to come closer to him every night, literally pulling you near him in bed and maybe saying your name while he does it is definitely a great sign that he loves you dearly.

He couldn’t possibly fake that – I mean the guy is half asleep. He might not even remember what he did in the morning, and this is another fascinating detail that should really make you trust him when he says “I love you.”

This sign of love and affection he’s showing when he’s not even conscious should mean the world to you. So even though he might not be the “I love you”-every-5-minutes-or-so type of guy, he truly does have feelings for you.

You can’t possibly beat that now, can you?

Sign 2: Hug-hug/Kiss-kiss.

How can you really show a person your love if you don’t hug and kiss them when you feel like it? If your man is not afraid to give you some sugar whenever you’re hanging out with your friends, or the two of you are going out on the town, you can say you’re one step closer to discovering he really loves you.

He must be able to hold your hand when in public, he must be able to kiss and hug you whether you are alone in your bedroom or in the streets.

Again, he might be shy and kissing while people are staring might not be exactly his thing. But no one says you have to French-kiss him, just see if he is able to kiss you softly on the lips or give you a kiss on the cheek every once in a while.

If he does that and you see pleasure and love in his eyes while he’s doing it… You, my girl, have likely found love.

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Sign 3: Let’s go out!

If he loves to hang out with you and he never shows signs of boredom or hostility whenever you ask him to go someplace, you are again, one lucky girl. If he is the one who is grabbing the bull by its horns, inviting you to go to dinner, to go catch a movie, hang out in the park or go dancing, you can rest assured he’s really into you.

Sign 4: He’s faithful…

And you have no reason to believe he wouldn’t be. You don’t see any abrupt changes in his attitude towards you, none of your friends have spoken one bad word about him, no causes for concern. And it’s probably going to remain the same – if not better – because he is very likely in love with you and his feelings might be growing in volume day by day.

So don’t play the jealous type unless you have good reasons to do so. Also please don’t contemplate giving him a second chance if you know he cheated on you, now I don’t believe the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater” But a man that cheats hasn’t reached the mental maturity it takes to be in a committed relationship yet. If a commitment is what you really want then, it’s time to move on… At least until he grows up.

Does He Love Me? -6 Signs He Really Does

Sign 5: “Mom, Dad, this is my girlfriend I told you about.”

When a man is ready to introduce you to his parents he probably really cares about you.

Don’t be too surprised if one day he pops the question during a family dinner or get together – bringing you so close to his parents and siblings means he is really being serious about your relationship and therefore, whether he loves you or not shouldn’t even be up for debate.

If on the other hand, he refuses to take you near his family, this guy is probably not as into you as he says he is.   

Sign 6: He makes sacrifices for you.

This is another huge indicator of the fact that he loves you. No man is really willing to sacrifice his freedom, time, money or anything else for that matter just to help someone he doesn’t love. So if your man jumps to his feet whenever you ask him to run an errand for you, help you cook dinner or advise you in a critical situation, you’ve got yourself a man that’s genuinely in love with you.


Of course, this isn’t a definitive list, and there are many more signs. Want to know what they are? Check out our FREE eBook 19 Non Verbal Signs He Loves You… That should undoubtedly give you the answer to the question “Does he love me?” once and for all.

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