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How To Flirt With Text Messages

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Nowadays flirting has gone digital, in the form of text messages. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone or has access to one and so they have become a normal sight in everyday life.

Text flirting or “flexting” is extremely fun and is a good way to get to know a person better and develop an attachment.

This article is going to cover the basics of flirting with text messages so that you can be comfortable when texting somebody of the opposite sex in a fun way.

Tip #1. It Should be Short And Simple.

Text flirting should always be fun and should make the person want to see you in person. Do not talk about multiple topics at the same time as it just makes everything confusing and gives out signs of nervousness.

Try to keep the texts to about two short sentences and sometimes even less, as it makes it easier to read and therefore quicker to reply.

Tip #2. Know When To Respond.

Some people have rules as to how long they should take to respond to a text message. We live in a time when everyone carries his or her phones with them all of the time.

To delay when you send a text message and pretend that you do not have the time is not genuine. If you are busy then do not reply, but if you aren’t there is no reason why you should not do so right away.

Just because somebody takes 4 hours to respond does not mean that you should wait another 4 hours to respond back. Eventually, the other person will realise what you are doing and will think you are silly and maybe lose interest.

Tip #3. Don’t Double Text.

Double texting is when some texts you something, you don’t reply and then they send another text. It can be good if somebody you are interested in does this to you however you shouldn’t do it to anyone else.

Double texting shows that the person is thinking about you and is anxious in waiting for a response. Never do this unless the timing of the texts is short and not spaced apart.

Take note that double texting will have different effects on different people, so it is best to be on the safe side and not do it at all.

Tip #4. The Dirty Talk.

As the texting and flirting continues it will eventually begin to turn dirty. During this stage saying anything that is sexually arousing will be well received by the other person, especially if you have been talking for a while.

Feel free to tell them how they make your body feel and that you cannot wait to meet up in person. This will get their minds racing and will build up that much loved sexual tension.

Tip #5. Stand Out From The Crowd.

You need to stand out for the other people who have texted with the person before. Most people think that throwing loads of compliments works well and will help move things along.

Compliments lose their magic if they are used over and over again too quickly. Teasing the person will get their attention and make them feel differently about you.

If the person is a girl tell her that she reminds you of a cute puppy and if it’s a guy tell him you can play a sport better than him.

You have to be creative and use your imagination a bit. This will all help to let your true personality shine out.

Flirting with text message is not something that should be taken lightly. It can be a creative tool when trying to get into relationships and setting up date with people. It is important to remember though that all people are different so take caution.

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