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3 Very Disturbing Things A Stalker Could Do With Your Phone Number

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The days are gone when giving someone your phone number was safe. Technology has ushered in a new era, something of which this world has never seen before.

Now don’t get me wrong I love technology, I don’t think I could live a day without my iPhone, anything you could ever want to know is at your fingertips, we are more connected than ever before through social tools like Facebook and twitter, and a digital economy has sprouted that has given many people a new source of income. But there’s a dark side…. Identities are being stolen, porn is being mass produced and distributed for free, (Remember when we were kids and the only source of pornography was a friends dads porn stash?) And sadly there are tools that psychos can use to find out a lot about you with only a small amount of info like a phone number.

Here are the top 3 creepy things they could do with that seemingly innocent piece of information.

1. They can learn your family and life history.

Once someone has your phone number they can go on several websites and do what is called a “Reverse phone lookup” this will give them your employment history, names of relatives, and in some cases even an address.

2. They can pretend they’re you.

Hospitals, banks, and customer service representatives from all industries often verify identity by asking you name, birth date, and phone number. As I stated earlier a reverse phone lookup can give a weirdo this info.

3. Ring. Ring. Ring.

They can call you a hundred thousands times. I’m sure everyone reading this at one point or another has dealt with someone calling their phone and hanging up… Again… And again…

What can you do about it?

Lucky for all of us there is a way to combat this. Most cellphone app stores have FREE calling apps that you can download. These apps give you a free “off the grid” phone number that you can give to new people you meet. No reverse phone lookups, and if they play on your phone you can just delete the app.

Here are the best ones we found along with links to the actual app.

TextPlus (iTunes) (Google Play)

Pinger (iTunes) (Google Play)

Text Now (iTunes) (Google Play)

Research has shown 1 in 12 women will be stalked in their lifetime and 25-30% of these cases will end in violence.

Stay safe ladies.

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