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Date Destination: Niagara Falls

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Everyone falls in love with Niagara Falls. The minute you step out of your car and onto the great Niagara Falls trolley services, you will witness a remarkable place that millions of tourists come and visit every year. There are few words that can truly do this place justice, breathtaking, exquisite, nature’s wonder are just a few that come to mind.

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Niagara Falls at night

Holding the title of the most powerful waterfall on North American soil, these Niagara waterfalls actually have an intriguing story; it has twins, similar waterfalls located on Canadian soil and American soil. They are separated by Goat Island; the American “twin” is called the American Falls (NY) and the Canadian twin is named Horseshoe Falls. The Bridal Veil Falls is another small part of the American side of the falls, and the line that originally separated the two twins was established to be the Horseshoes Falls. Ever since, a debate has raged due to the natural process of erosion that has made the official border between the two “twins” harder to identify.

Now that you know a small, but quite interesting brief story related to the history of these amazing waterfalls, it’s time to check out the main attraction points of the place. You can go on a romantic venture with your spouse and discover the 6 million cubic feet of water that is constantly falling, you can admire the Bridal Veil, cross your fingers and hope to hear a proposal in between the out-of-this-world sounds the falling and splashing waters are always making, you can admire their unprecedented beauty and hear the stewards tell you all about the greenish coloring of the water that flows over the Niagara Falls, which are nothing but a combo of salts that are dissolved and fine ground rock.

Besides the authentic green color of the waters you can freely admire during daytime, you can take your time and check out the nocturnal scenery which is definitely going to make you understand the never-ending tourist flow here. You can embark on the Maid of Mist and go on a nice cruise, take some beautiful close-up pictures of the waterfall and witness everything up close and personal. Niagara Falls will definitely look a lot more dramatic and gorgeous from this close distance.

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Maid Of The Mist

Another wonderful attraction that you should take in is the Observation Tour. You will be blown away by the breathtaking scenery that only a few dozen feet in the air can provide you with. The Aquarium also holds some exciting tourist attractions that should keep you busy for an hour or two. So plan the most romantic day ever, maybe prepare a picnic bag and find a cool green spot and enjoy your lunch surrounded by the sighs of the water falling around you.

Other attractions include: Souvenir shopping at the Maid Of The Mist where they also serve delicious foods and a two level Marketplace which displays a wide array of live entertainment every day.

Address: 1 Prospect Point, Niagara Falls, NY

Price range: *$100-$125* hotel and airfare not included


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