LaDawn Black: Is Jail Love Real???

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Another great bit of advice from LaDawn Black. Ladies if you’ve ever dealt with a man in jail you know this is the routine. He goes to jail then all of a sudden he has this moment of clarity. He wants to marry you, be a better father, stop hanging with his boys. I can tell you this, 90 percent of the time it’s bull****. But let me clarify, he doesn’t know it’s bull****. He’s so caught in the moment, so trapped in his situation that those are truly his feelings at the time. But changing your life in jail is easy. Freedom is another story. On the outside you have the same temptations and bad influences, and if you don’t change your playgrounds and playmates real change is nearly impossible. 9 times out of 10 if he was a liar and cheater before his incarceration, soon after his release he will revert to his old ways.

How do I know? Well, sadly to say as a troubled youth that grew into a troubled young man I found myself sitting in the county jail whispering sweet nothings into my girlfriends ear along with the rest of my fellow inmates.

Luckily I was able to learn from my mistakes and change my life before I was to far lost. How did I do it? As I stated before you must change your playgrounds and playmates. I moved to a new city, stopped communicating with friends from the criminal underworld, focused on education. Only then was I able to become the man my children and my wife needed me to be.

End result, process everything a man that is sitting in jail tells you with a high level of skepticism. And let him know that the changes he wants to make are possible, but only if he changes his playgrounds and playmates.

A special thanks to LaDawn Black, keep spreading your light to the world. -Quentin Witt

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