Married, Monogamous and HIV Positive: A Woman Explains How Her Husband Ruined Her Life

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Wow. That story has left me speechless. Renee is actually writing a book about her experience and will share numerous stories about her life since she found out her HIV status in 2007.

This book will talk about my life in the deepest way that nobody has yet to ever see. Not only will this book go into detail of how I became infected with the HIV virus but also the life I have had to live for the past 5 years dealing with my HIV diagnosis. Which includes dating, school, the birth of children, depression, suicidal thoughts, and what it takes for someone who has gone through all of this to move forward and come out on top. I will also give details on how I went through having my then husband put in jail for infecting me.

Renee is looking for funding to help with the publishing of her book.  She says that she wants to confront the HIV/AIDS issue directly, rather than avoiding it as so many others have done.  She says that all of the proceeds from the project will go toward her book, which she wants to serve as inspiration for those in similar situations.

Even $1.00 will help her reach her goal. Click here to view her Indigogo campaign page. I just gave my donation.

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