What is black love?

What Is Black Love?

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What is black love? What is the difference between the love of let’s say Jay-z and Beyonce, vs Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Well, let me start out by saying there is a certain air of strength to black love. A hidden power within that can only be formed by persecution, ridicule, segregation, the history the black man and black woman have shared since we arrived in this country. We love hard. We fight hard. Black love is strength.

Our bondage saw our women raped, our men tortured, our families ripped apart at auctions where we were sold to the highest bidder like cattle. True black love defines this. It is a love that has been molded by adversity. It screams in the face of all opposition “Nothing is going to tear us apart ever again!”

When we love we love deep.

However, there is another side to the way we love each other, sometimes that hidden fire within that we used to hold us together through, slavery, civil rights, poverty, and the crack epidemic is directed at our significant other in the form of rage that has the power to consume the relationship.

Name calling, pushing, yelling, destroying each other’s belongings, accusing each other of foul deeds. It’s horrible and we have to do better. We have to learn to be patient with one another, how to fight right, and not hold grudges.

When that is contained black love is beautiful.

Sadly destructive black love is what is most heavily promoted and rewarded by the media.

The “Baby mama” has been set as the gold standard.

But the degradation goes further. On our TV screens, black couples are presented to be in a constant war. Fighting, arguing, cheating, abusing each other. In our music, it’s laid out in the form of men calling black women bitches and hoes, treating them as nothing more than objects of servitude and sadly these roles are played out in our communities.

Let’s not take these examples that are being social proofed and influenced by authority as the way things should be.

We can do better. We will do better. And hopefully the thoughts and ideas we present on this site can in some small way help.

So what is black love?

Black love is strong.

Black love is passion.

Black love is full of joy and pain built not only in this generation but generations from long ago.

Black love is ours, the same way our kinky hair is ours, our soulful walk is ours, our struggle is ours.

Black love is US.

-Quentin Witt

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