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73% of People Unhappy In Their Current Relationship… So Says New Study…

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Not a totally shocking revelation that a large portion of couples identify as unhappy. You would be shocked by the amount of emails we get from women saying they aren’t happy in their current relationship. Now some of these women have genuine reasons to be unhappy and others are suffering from what some experts refer to as the “grass is greener” syndrome.

“When we first get into a relationship, we’re flooded with hormones and endorphins that make the person we’re with seem ‘perfect’. That fades out so it’s not fair to compare a ‘new lust’ with a long-term partner,” Also, believing that there’s only one Hollywood-esque perfect version of love can also encourage us to believe that our relationship isn’t up to scratch.

What this is telling you is that if you’re currently unhappy in your relationship take a moment to ask yourself “Am I really unhappy? Am I just board? What is causing this feeling?” If you find out that your unhappiness is reasonable then it’s best you move onto someone who can provide you with all the joy you deserve. If you’re just being overly dramatic it’s best that you stay and try to make things work because the truth of the matter is that eventually the “honeymoon phase” ends with every couple. Once love isn’t new that’s when you have to work to maintain it. For tactics to renew the bond that you and your man share check out our Couples Challenges. These bonding exercises are guaranteed to strengthen your relationship.

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