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A Glimpse Into The Saga Of My Dating Life Part 1 “A Blast From The Past”

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Recently, I had the pleasure to reconnect with someone from high school some time ago. To be honest, I truly didn’t acknowledge his existence at that time. What I remembered of him he was always sweet, quiet, and sarcastic. Slightly nerdy-looking as well, but I’m the type of gal that admires weird and nerds. It’s safe to say he was “right up my alley” even though he never mentioned he was interested in me. Fast-forward to 2013, social networking sites are bigger than they have ever been in the past and I am an avid user of Instagram I started to notice him more and realized that I made a serious mistake overlooking this cool guy.

This went on for a about 4 months then one day I mustered up the courage (I must of had a soda) to message him via Facebook and tell him how I felt. He messaged back and we spoke to each other day and night for about 3 days, then my phone was as the young kids would say is, “dry” i.e. not receiving any messages or calls from anyone. I was thrown off at first because I truly enjoyed the conversation then I realized what was going on. The problem was I texted him first to start the conversation, then he would respond, the day I did not start it he did not reach out. We don’t speak anymore. I truly do like him even now but I just don’t feel it will be able to work out if it is not a 2-way street in communication. It was way too early in us getting to know one another for me to be upset that he doesn’t care enough to change his daily routine to talk to me. I am not going to chase or harass anyone who does not want to speak to me, and I still believe in the “old school” rules of waiting for a man to pursue you. When it comes to someone you want to know on a romantic level and he seems interested but does not make interested actions its safe to say, he’s just not that into you.

I’m not the type of person to sugar-coat anything to myself, call a spade a spade, as much as I would truly like to get to know him I’m sure he would not take the initiative to truly get to know me. Not that I feel negative or poorly of the situation, I’m just stating facts of what he has shown me thus far. By the way, I missed one very important aspect of this entire story, I live in Georgia and he lives in Arizona. I know what you’re thinking, well that’s the problem right there he is not going to get to know you because long distance relationships never work. I was still willing to take that chance; I guess that makes me foolish because I would have seen where my feelings went with a nice guy in Australia if that was the case. Too bad, I would have loved to use my sky miles.

About the author: Patrice J. Simpson is a freelance journalist, blogger, and active volunteer.  After graduating with a degree in mass communications from Paine College, Patrice began work on community service initiatives with other motivated individuals, where she grew in the understanding of the youth of today and since then flourished in the initiative called Project P.U.S.H. Aside from community service projects, Patrice talks about work life, music she loves, spiritual growth, and great upcoming events at her blog St8teofMind. Patrice is a loving spirit who enjoys traveling with her best friends, baking, and entertainment activities in Downtown Atlanta. She has a passion for arts and crafts, tropical beaches, upcoming sales and thrift stores, visiting historic places, Olive Garden, and basically all the glorious wonders that Atlanta has to offer single women with an awesome pair of heels. Find here on Twitter @PattyNOLabelle.

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