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Does Your Ex Still Have Feelings For You? Top Red Flags To Look For!

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Do you still love your ex? Of course, or else you would not be reading this article. If you wish to get back with your ex and you want to know if your ex still loves you, here are some signs that he still does!

Ex calls you often.

No matter how short or long your relationship may have been, there are some exes who try to constantly keep in touch with you. They ask how you are, what you are doing or what happened to your day. If your ex keeps on doing this even months or years after the breakup, then this is one flag you should give meaning to. In this subtle way, your ex is trying to send a message. This action denotes two simple things. They are showing that they still love you and have feelings for you. Second, they may also be showing that they still care about you and are still thinking about you from time to time. If not, at all times.

Ex tries and wishes to spend time with you.

After a breakup, it is a golden rule to stop seeing or break any contact with your ex for a few months. However, there are some exes who will keep on coming back and keeping in touch with you, saying they want to be friends with you. This is why they would try and spend some time with you. No matter what they say, these exes still want you deep inside. They may take pleasure in your company. They enjoy talking to and seeing you. There are times that love never really goes away. They might still care for you.

Ex frequents the places you guys use to hang out during the time you were still together.

There are places where you use to go when you were still a couple, like that one ice cream place you love or that bar you use to chill at. One sign that your ex still wishes to see you or at least be seen by you is they usually go to such places. By doing this, they are hoping and wishing that you will realize that you still love them and you are not over them yet. They are hoping you still feel the same way they feel.

Ex still asks your friends or his friends for updates about you.

You will hear from various friends, colleagues, family members and acquaintances that he keeps on asking how you are, what you are doing or whatever it is they wish to know about you. In the event that your ex still does this, they are still not over you. It also shows that they are missing you. This is one good indication that they still somehow have feelings for you.

Ex tells you he still loves you. 

There are times when an ex openly tells you he still loves you. When they keep on doing this and you are quite confused as to why you two are not getting back together yet. This is because of the simple fact that they are trying to change some things before they get back with you. If you wish to settle things between the two of you, a simple open conversation is highly recommended.

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