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He Know He Wrong- Man Saves Dog From Sinking Boat Then Comes Back For Wife

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You save your dog from drowning before your wife? I sense divorce court in this mans future.

Here’s what their saying went down:

Good to see some people have their priorities straight.

South African couple Graham and Sheryl Anley were on a three-month sailing trip to Madagascar when they hit a reef Aug. 4 and their yacht started to sink.

Graham Anley, who is a volunteer with South Africa’s National Sea Rescue Institute, decided to save the couple’s 9-year-old Jack Russell terrier, Rosie, before coming back to the yacht to save his wife.

According to a statement issued by NSRI spokesman Geoff McGregor obtained by South Africa’s News 24, Sheryl Anley’s “safety line had snagged on the steering gear,” so even though it seems insensitive, it’s not like she was going anywhere… except down…. with the ship.

So not only was the ship sinking but she was caught on the steering gear? This guy is a hot mess.

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