Is Facebook Making You Feel Bad About Yourself?

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My theory on this is that while browsing Facebook you often see a bunch of people partying, vacationing, enjoying good times. When on one hand, your own life has good times, but on the other hand, times that are difficult.

Seeing everyone else appearing  to always be happy and having the times of their lives can make you feel that somehow you’re not achieving enough, or aren’t as successful as you should be.

Now here’s reality: On social sites like Facebook people tend to post pictures of themselves in happy times, no one posts photos of themselves stressing over bills, disappointed at the loss of a job, or any of the other often difficult circumstances life deals.

What you see on Facebook is only a part of the story, a hand selected snippet of time, chosen by the user. Everybody has ups and downs. No ones life is perfect, even if social networks make it appear otherwise.

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