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Is It True Love? (8 Signs That It Really Is)

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Is it true love?

Do you know its taste, its flavor, its feel? Can you recognize it out of dozens of other heightened emotions like infatuation?

Is love at first sight possible? Is lust a part of love? How important are romantic and sexual emotions when it comes to true love? How do you recognize love? How long does it take to form?

As you can see from the above questions, love is probably one of the most complicated things in life to define and identify.

Each individual has his or her own slightly different definition or for the word ‘love’ and ‘true love’ seems to be equally as complicated to explain.

But one thing is for sure: Finding real love can be elusive.

If you are currently in a relationship and wondering if it’s true love you can begin your journey of discovery by finding out what stage your relationship is in, or by taking a compatibility test.

However, today I want to skip over those things and get directly to answering the question “is it true love” by uncovering some of the clearly identifiable signs that it is.

Even though you might be already thinking that he’s the one, the truth is that you might just be feeling nothing more than infatuation one of the early stages of relationships that tends to fade as couples become more acquainted to one another.

Once infatuation disappears and you start having small arguments and disagreements, this is when reality sets in, and you begin to question if it’s real or not.

Let’s try to answer that question once and for all.

Here are 8 signs that what you’re feeling is in fact, true love.

1. You give and don’t expect anything in return.

If you have reached that stage in your relationship where you and your partner can give and share without expecting anything in return you have either entered the true love realm or you are inches away from visiting it.

Unconditional love is the purest kind of love there is, and it is a joy to experience.

When you can give to another human being without even the slightest that of reciprocation… Well, that’s as pure as any relationship can get.

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2. He can always make you laugh and make your day.

No matter how sad, mad, depressed, or confused you might feel, if your partner can always somehow seem to manage to make your day, put a smile on your face, and rebalance your spirit, you are definitely looking at one special person.

And on the other hand, if you feel a sense of joy by just seeing your man laughing, smiling, and being happy, then that’s something real.

Is it true love? It likely is.

3. You make sacrifices for each other.

Consciously or subconsciously, you both seem to sacrifice plenty of things for the well-being and happiness of one another.

Canceling Saturday morning shopping sessions or beer out with the guys in order to help each other when one is feeling under the weather or just to hang out and spend time together.

When you begin to sacrifice to spend time together, comfort each other, or be there when one is in need that’s true love.

You don’t have to ask if it’s real, your actions are showing it.

4. You fight to make things work.

If you regularly read ‘how to improve your relationship/love life’ tutorials like the ones you find here on you are definitely interested in making your relationship work.

You are putting forth the effort to fix any issues you have and nurture your relationship.

This shows exactly how much you love your partner.

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5. You can’t stay mad at each other.

Even though his words or actions might have hurt you and vice versa you two can’t seem to stay angry at each other for too long.

This is a huge sign that what you both are experiencing is real love and you should hold onto it.

So many people never get to experience that type of bond in a romantic relationship. If you do, you’re lucky.

6. You always stick to your word and he sticks to his.

No lies. No disappointments. You both keep it 110% with each other, and it comes naturally.

That’s real love.

Trust is the foundation that unbreakable bonds are built on.

If your relationship has that, you’re #winning.

7. You are never jealous of his success, and he’s never jealous of yours.

When you truly love someone, you cannot feel jealousy when that person is more successful than you are, if you are working in the same field or even at the same company true love will make you feel a sense of joy and accomplishment when your partner is succeeding…

Unfortunately, a lot of people in relationships secretly don’t want to see their partner’s excel to new heights, so they don’t support each other as much as they should.

Often this is because one partner subconsciously believes that if their partner is too successful, they will leave them.

8. “Honey, what do you think?”

If you two consciously make efforts to include each other in decision making and consult with each other before making a significant move, this is a sign of true love.

Communication is one of the keys to building a relationship that survives the test of time.

This is something that happy couples understand. And when you truly love someone, it comes naturally.


If you notice at least 3 or 4 of these signs in your relationship, I think you can stop asking yourself the question: Is it true love?

I think it’s safe to say that you are officially one of the lucky people that are getting to experience the joy of a genuinely loving relationship.

Enjoy it! Continue to nurture the relationship and don’t let something so real and genuine slip away!

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