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Is Lack Of Sleep Ruining Your Relationship?

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According to this new study not getting enough sleep is the root cause of many arguments and disagreements that destroy otherwise healthy relationships.

Here’s what their saying:

Researchers from the University of California studied 78 couples over two weeks and asked them to keep notes on how much sleep they got and how much they fought with their partners.

The overwhelming response? Just one night of insomnia, or even just not getting the recommended eight hours or sleep, upped the intensity of couples’ fights the next day. It makes sense, right? How many times have you woken up after a bad night’s sleep in a less-than-sunshiny mood?

Apart from making the couples fight more, a lack of sleep also made people less empathetic, more negative, more selfish and less able to diffuse conflict. “One of the real consequences of sleep loss is irritability and a change in your mood. The reason for that is that the frontal lobe is very affected by lack of sleep and that’s where your emotional modulation takes place, so the sleep deprived brain is very sensitive,” says Professor David Hillman, President of the Sleep Health Foundation.

Moral of the story? Get enough sleep, but if you don’t, be very careful, understanding, and most of all, patient when dealing with your significant other. Your relationship could depend on it.

Story courtesy of Cosmopolitan. Click here to read more.

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