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5 Things A Man Worries About Before A First Date That He Doesn’t Want You to Know

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Men are not as calm and collected as they appear to be. They too have worries and concerns before a first date.

Here are the top 5 things they worry about:

1. Will she talk too much?

Watch out when you go on and on talking about your vacation, your apartment, etc. It is quite easy to catch a man’s blank expression when he is not interested in the topic you are speaking about. A man loves happy and enthusiastic women but he also normally prefers ‘to the point’ and simple messages. Since men are more intellectual than emotional, they prefer clear statements.

2. Can I afford this?

Since he is meeting you for the first time, he might be anxious to find out if your a gold digging type of woman. So, it is always better for a woman to be careful on what she orders during her first date. Of course, during the first date, he would readily offer to pay but eventually, he would be glad if you too offer to split the bill, at times. Just coming forward to pay is more than enough to satisfy him than really paying.

3. Does he have to explain himself all the time?

A man often has trouble expressing the way he feels. While there are some men who are very expressive, most men expect their women to say, ‘I understand’, rather than expecting an explanation for every single action he makes.

4. Will he end up touching you sooner than required?

The author of ‘The Secret Psychology of How we Fall in Love’, Dr. Paul Dobranksy says that it could be quite stressful for men on first dates to be extremely careful not to touch their dates, as it could give the wrong impression. So, most men have a huge battle going on here. In such cases, you might just sit next to him while you are dining, instead of sitting on the opposite side. You may also hold his hand once or twice during your casual conversations. This will take away his worries and will also make him feel more relaxed. However, be careful not to overdo anything.

5. Will she be cool with my friends?

Most often, men love dating women who get along with their friends. You can reveal your “cool” attitude by not being critical of your waitress or the food on your first date. Having an easy going attitude is a definite plus.

Understanding the fear’s a man might have on a first date and making the necessary adjustments is sure to make your first date a success!

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