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Is Your Man Threatened By Your Success? According To This New Study He Likely Is

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This might explain why so many successful women have a hard time finding a man. According to this new study men tend to feel threatened by a womans success even when they’re not in direct competition.

Here’s what they’re saying:

Thirty-two undergraduate couples agreed to participate in a study in which the females were given a series of tests. When their male partners were told that the women did significantly better on the tests, scoring in the top 12 percent of all of the students, the men ended up scoring lower on an Implicit Association Test for their self esteem. While the fellas were quick to deny that they harbored any bad or envious feelings towards their “successful” partners, the test they were given was designed to tap into emotions and attitudes through word association that they would otherwise never admit or report. Busted! Interestingly enough (only, not really…) the women did not show the same emotional dip to their level of self esteem as the men did — they were actually happy to hear of their partner’s success. Winning!

Check out what one researcher had to say about these results:

“It makes sense that a man might feel threatened if his girlfriend outperforms him in something they’re doing together, such as trying to lose weight,” said the study’s lead author, Kate Ratliff, PhD, of the University of Florida. “But this research found evidence that men automatically interpret a partner’s success as their own failure, even when they’re not in direct competition”

Fellas stop all that sideline hating. What do you want some bum chick that has no goals in life? That’s ridiculous, get it together.

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