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What To Do If You Catch Your Man Cheating…

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Caught your man cheating? You’re not alone. Over the course of life, many women deal with the issue of a cheating spouse at one point or another. Here’s my advice on how you should handle it If you find out that your man has not been faithful…

  1. Wait until he goes to sleep.
  2. Go into the dresser drawer and retrieve a pair of scissors.
  3. Grab his balls and snip em’ off.

Yea you heard me, grab his balls, make sure you extend the skin then snip snip snip, off they go.

Lmao, I’m just joking ladies don’t cut his balls off. I repeat DO NOT CUT HIS BALLS OFF LMAO. What I really want you to do is make the decision right then and there is this the type of relationship you want to be in because I’m telling you right now there’s no amount of arguing, begging, or pleading that can make a cheating man stop cheating. That man will continue to do you wrong as long as you sit there and take it. So ask yourself, is this what I want? If there are children involved, is this the type of environment you want them growing up in? The decision is all yours, just make sure you make the right one.

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