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A Glimpse Into The Saga Of My Dating Life Part 2 “Unexpected”

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Life is definitely funny. It makes you realize how powerful your unconscious thoughts really are until they project into reality. I knew this man for years, never paid him any real attention, and in my opinion back then he was a bore. A situation occurred 3 or 4 years ago that made me not want to speak to him anymore and just cut him off. Regardless, he still pursued me and I was feeling like he was barking up the wrong tree. However, his persistence paid off because it was just the right time for both of us to try it out once again. They say the best thing for you is the one thing you don’t give the time of day. All we had was a conversation and we have not gone one day without speaking to one another ever since. I did not expect to like him as much as I do and I certainly did not expect to be falling in love with him the way I am right now. He ignites joy into my heart and keeps me grounded in the positivity of life.

If a random person asked me if I was completely happy on the way that life is for me today I would reply, YES. The reason would be now that this person has come into my life a veil has lifted from my eyes and I look around and see that joy is in the promise of today and the prosperity of tomorrow. The way you view life is exactly how it will be for you if you believe it.

About the author: Patrice J. Simpson is a freelance journalist, blogger, and active volunteer.  After graduating with a degree in mass communications from Paine College, Patrice began work on community service initiatives with other motivated individuals, where she grew in the understanding of the youth of today and since then flourished in the initiative called Project P.U.S.H. Aside from community service projects, Patrice talks about work life, music she loves, spiritual growth, and great upcoming events at her blog St8teofMind. Patrice is a loving spirit who enjoys traveling with her best friends, baking, and entertainment activities in Downtown Atlanta. She has a passion for arts and crafts, tropical beaches, upcoming sales and thrift stores, visiting historic places, Olive Garden, and basically all the glorious wonders that Atlanta has to offer single women with an awesome pair of heels. Find her on Twitter @PattyNOLabelle.

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