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Date Destination: Kings Island

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Thunder Alley? Diamondback? Sling Shot? Viking Fury? There’s really no place to begin, where can you find all these thrilling rides that will make adrenaline pulse through your veins? In Kings Island, where you can ride 137 feet in the air in a 240-degree spiral on their crazy ride Delirium, or check out the Flight of Fear and its 54 miles per hour catapults that are going to awaken your every molecule.

Black love

Drop Tower

Altitude sickness? Not a problem! Go meet with The Beast, which is only the longest rollercoaster made of wood in the entire world, at 7,400 feet. Are you and your partner up for some slingshots? Get into one of these and have yourself catapulted in the air 275 feet!!!! and how does 100 miles per hour sound for a breath-taking speed?

Pull yourself together for a bit and see if the WindSeeker winks at you, or opt for the Drop Tower instead and enjoy the beautiful scenery while going sky high. If you’re in for some really spooky stuff, you should definitely check out The Crypt and meet with all the ghouls it has to offer.

Extreme Skyflyer is a bazooka experience that is definitely going to leave you a bit stomach sick, if you aren’t the adventurous type; if skydiving is actually your passion, you can mix it up with hang gliding and fall from 7 stories high at 60 mph speed.

If all of this climbing, flying, sliding and yelling has gotten you into the mood for a good meal, get a Meal Deal and dig in! This place is SO exciting just when you think of it; with only the coolest rides ever invented and the most exiting experiences you’re about to live on your own (well, hand in hand with your lover), there’s nothing that should prevent you from getting a Season Pass to get unlimited access to the park for the entire year.

And if you have kids there’s a lot of fun for them here to so go ahead and make it a family vacation.

All in all, this is a great place to hang out when you feel you’re really bored and you need a adrenaline rush, a awesome cardio workout, and heart pounding fun all wrapped into one. Visit Kings island.

Address: Kings Island Dr., Kings Island, OH 45034

Price range: *$100-$120* hotel and airfare not included


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