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How To Make A Man Love You

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Sorry ladies, but there is no special recipe or universal step-by-step guide you can read and memorize to make a man love you. Especially if we are talking about a guy you don’t really know yet, but are secretly planning on entrancing with your magical powers.

The truth is we all have different personalities and different needs. So what might work for some of you might be a total failure for others. And what might seem appealing or captivating for some men, and what might trigger some of them to fall for you, might do the complete opposite if applied to a different type of man. So taking any step by step action to make a man love you is pretty much like playing the lottery. You just have to follow your instincts, cross your fingers and hope for the best. In the meantime, here is a series of things you could do in order to speed things up or at least tip the odds in your favor.

Start by letting the man you are interested in chase you. You don’t want to seem or sound desperate, dying for attention or love – the world is full of desperate people who would do anything and accept any kind of treatment just to be able to change their Facebook status from ‘single’.

You don’t want to be that kind of woman.

So make sure you let a man prove he wants you by working for your affection. Let him put effort into chasing you, and not the other way around – while there are a few men who like to be treated like trophies themselves, the big majority of men much rather win trophies. It’s in their instinct to hunt, and they will feel much more satisfied if they are the ones winning your heart, and not the other way around. Remember not to give yourself away on a silver platter, but not to play too hard to get either, as some men might feel discouraged.

Try not to run to the phone every time the guy you are interested in is calling. You will seem desperate, friendless, and not that socially active, to say the least. The man you’re trying to get needs to know your life doesn’t revolve around him, so try to make sure he knows you have your own hobbies and friends to hang out with. Be as patient as you can and great things will come out of it.

BUT, when you do engage with him try to focus on the things he has to say: his personal issues, his work-related problems, his dreams and aspirations. Show him you really care and find pleasure in hearing him out. Offer advice if the situation calls for it. Even though you don’t want him to think your world revolves around him, you should still show him you care.

The next thing I want you to do is from time to time, do something nice and unexpected for him. A surprise dinner, a new pair of shoes, whatever comes to mind. This will make him feel appreciated and he’s likely to return the favor.

Finally, do not forget to always stay true to your beliefs and be yourself no matter what. It is pointless to pretend to be someone else because you feel you are more likable that way. You cannot and should not make a man fall for the fake you. There is no point in trying to make a man love you for something that you are not.

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