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Overseas Date Destination- Ludlow

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Location is everything when it comes to dating. It says a lot about one’s style and sense of taste when it comes to having a good time. The make or break line for any relationship that is about to blossom is a date. Ludlow as a destination gives you the thrust that will propel you past the break zone in dates to the make zone.

Why is Ludlow such a perfect destination? If you need an answer, the following are some of the reasons:

Ludlow has the finest scenery in England
“The most perfect town in England”, that is the description the poet Sir John Betjemen gave to Ludlow. This is chiefly because of;

• Its picturesque location. It seats on a cliff right above River Teme surrounded by the Hilly South Shropshire and the Welsh border country which enhance this aspect. With that it is plain to deduce that the area provides really good cycling opportunities.

• Ludlow market with its rich architectural designs and a community that is nothing short of lively.

Many events and Festivals held throughout the year.

Most people find dating to be a mix of excitement and what better way to complement this feeling with being caught up in the blissful rush of Ludlow’s festive seasons. Throughout the year it is rife with festivals and events like;

• The Ludlow food and drink festival. It is held every September, a period in which the town is full of food enthusiast from all over the United Kingdom. Like the sound of it? Wait there is more; there are secret dinner parties held in hidden locations with hands on demonstrations of cooking which translates to leaving you with not only a good time but also a new skill.

• Ludlow Arts Festival. The town plays host to an arts festival hailed for its excellent organization full of excitement and vigor. This year the nine day festival ended with two big outdoor events at the weekend, with performances on Saturday from Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra. For Sunday, legendary bands The Hollies and The Searchers performed followed by a fireworks display bringing the event to a close.

Existence of a host of attractive ideal spots for dates

The town boasts of a good number of places with a wide variety of restaurants even with foreign cuisine from Asian countries, notably China, Thailand and Japan. This goes to show that there is an eating joint tailored to gratify all tastes and budgets for instance.

• Mr. Underhill’s Michelin star Ludlow – ranked among the top 10 romantic breaks in the United Kingdom. It goes without saying that a stroll through the Hampton Court gardens is highly recommended for couples due to its magical breath taking beauty.

• Lake Retreat – its setting described best by these two words, unbelievably peaceful. It will leave you with quite an impression. The lodges in this area are elegantly furnished to an unparalleled higher standard making it more than just another retreat spot.

If you fancy making the humdrum a little more novel and offering more than the other guy; apply for, renew or update your UK passport forms online and make that trip to Ludlow to be a mind-blowing date.

Price range: $1500-$2000 hotel and airfare not included

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