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Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Dating Profile

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Your online dating profile does more than just help you get introduced to potential dates.  It presents a unique opportunity for people to get to know you, your interests, and what makes you special.  You want to be set apart from the others and you want people to stop and wonder what else they can learn about you.  It is about encouraging the person who is looking at you to make the first move in contacting you.

At the same time, you don’t want to present too much information about yourself, be boring, or demanding.  This may be your only chance to make a good first impression. The following suggestions may help you pick out areas of your profile to improve to increase chances of meeting that special someone.

  • Make sure you use photos of good quality and keep them updated.  As a matter of fact, make sure your profile has a photo.  Many people don’t realize how often a profile gets overlooked because it doesn’t have a picture.  A picture is worth a thousand words, but you want to have the right picture to help produce the right impression.
  • Don’t get too excited with the photos.  It helps to have a few doing what you like to do, but you don’t want to come off tacky or elaborate.
  • Keep written content updated and refresh it every so often.  Many online dating sites allow you to change your screen name and headline.  Think about your headline and written content.  Is it exciting enough to catch someone’s attention or is it boring? How can you make it exciting while still being yourself and honest?
  • Be brief when talking about what you want.  Try not to sound too demanding or pushy as it may turn people away from your profile.  Mention interesting hobbies and achievements.  Talk about things about you that another person may be looking for in a perspective date.  This may be characteristics you like about yourself that others may find attractive.
  • Take time to read over written content associated with your profile for errors or misspellings.  Even if the website has spell check, proper word usage is still important.  Make sure the content reads correctly as a misspelled or misused word could be a quick turn off.
  • Think about upgrading your membership.  Free or basic memberships may only provide so many features.  Sometimes having access to more features may help your profile look more appealing.  Some people may elect to contact someone with the same membership level as themselves.
  • Have a friend or someone you trust look over your profile.  Getting a second opinion from someone you know may help put your profile into better perspective.  At least they would be honest in what they see, and if they want you be successful they may offer some tips on you can improve it.
  • Compare and review other profiles on the site.  How do they look or standout compared to your profile?

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