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Values Lost Through The Decades…

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I’m one of those lucky girls who had the luxury of growing up with a father. A real dad who was there for me for every heartbreak, disappointment, failure, and even successes in love. He supports me through every step of the way, with his own opinion of course, and truly sets the tone of how I will allow a man to treat me. I am proud to be a “daddy’s girl”. I never stopped to think until recently what is my father’s story of why he has so much wisdom when it comes to life and love? Where is the source of this divine knowledge? What better opportunity to ask someone life questions than on a quiet morning carpool to work. I asked him, “Daddy, when it comes to matters of the heart, when did it become clear for you?” He replied, “Who said I ever figured that out?”  He has been married to my mother for 24 years and still looks at her like she is the greatest thing that ever happened to him.

Even though my father had a very rough upbringing he still managed to somehow remain focused and know that there is more to life than meets the eye. When it comes to the challenges of the dating scene in 2013 it gets a bit harder for old school advice to cross over to help the new school. The values that our parents grew up with are not present in today’s society. I still believe in courting a woman you are interested in. It shows that not only do you respect her, but also that you are truly interested in seeing where it could go, if it could blossom into a beautiful relationship. Taking the time of getting to know one another much better is extremely important in this day and age. We rush into things because we long for affection, we also often look at the dating scene as a game. We have to get our values back, what has been lost through the decades can be found, then we can all find our true love.

About the author: Patrice J. Simpson is a freelance journalist, blogger, and active volunteer.  After graduating with a degree in mass communications from Paine College, Patrice began work on community service initiatives with other motivated individuals, where she grew in the understanding of the youth of today and since then flourished in the initiative called Project P.U.S.H. Aside from community service projects, Patrice talks about work life, music she loves, spiritual growth, and great upcoming events at her blog St8teofMind. Patrice is a loving spirit who enjoys traveling with her best friends, baking, and entertainment activities in Downtown Atlanta. She has a passion for arts and crafts, tropical beaches, upcoming sales and thrift stores, visiting historic places, Olive Garden, and basically all the glorious wonders that Atlanta has to offer single women with an awesome pair of heels. Find her on Twitter @PattyNOLabelle.

Photo Courtesy Of Hands On Black History Museum

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