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You Will Hate This Guy After Reading What He Did…

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 The Cheaters Manual: The Ultimate Guide To Cheating On Your Spouse And Getting Away With It….

This guy is wrong as wrong can be. This man has been cheating on his unsuspecting wife for 7 years using lies, technology, iPhone apps, and other novel methods to hide the deed. But here’s the truly insane part, he wrote a book to teach other men how to do it!

Now I’m not against freedom of speech but decency must be protected and companies like who readily sale this book to whomever is willing to pay for the filth should feel some level of guilt as thousands of men have purchased this book and used the tips to cheat on their wives and girlfriends and not get caught while doing it.

Here’s the full description of “The Cheaters Manual” from’s product page.

This book has wives and girlfriends across the globe in an uproar!!!! Find out what all the fuss is about!!!!

In this book you will meet Matthew Doe a happily married family man with a big secret….. He has been cheating on his wife for the past seven years and she has no clue what he’s up!!!!

In this book he will lay out his justifications and why he feels his behavior is okay. He will also explain the tips and techniques he has used to conceal his behavior in an attempt to teach others how to hide their infidelity!!!!

If you’re looking to learn how to have an extramarital affair and keep it a secret or you just want to know what goes on in the mind of a cheater, you can’t go wrong with this book!!!! Hundreds of men and women have read this book and are using his techniques to hide their infidelity and one of these men or women could even be your spouse!!!!

Let’s take a look at the chapters so you can get a taste of what this book contains:

Chapter one: My story- In this chapter Matthew Doe tells us the story of how he originally began cheating on his wife, with details of his first intimate encounter with his mistress!!!!

Chapter two: Justification- Many people would say that the author is a scumbag. Well in this chapter he reveals how he justifies cheating on his wife and why he feels he’s doing nothing wrong!!!!

Chapter three: Cheating can actually improve your relationship- Matthew Doe actually believes that cheating can improve relationships and in this chapter he tells you why!!!!

Chapter four: iPhone apps that will keep your secrets safe- One of Matthews favorite tools, he reveals his top apps for keeping his infidelity hidden from his wife!!!!

Chapter five: How to set up your computer for fulfillment seeking- In this chapter he teaches how he has set up his computer to hide his infidelity!!!!

Chapter six: How to build a secret cash stash- Having a secret lover can be expensive in this chapter he reveals the top techniques he has used to build a secret cash stash that his wife knows nothing about!!!!

Chapter seven: The number one rule you should never break- There’s one golden rule that If broken will almost always lead to disaster, in this chapter find out what it is and why you should avoid it!!!!

Chapter eight: How to lie effectively and not get caught- Lying effectively and not getting caught is easy…. If you know these techniques! Find out how to make your lies virtually undetectable!!!!

Chapter nine: 11 things to never do with your secret lover- Everything has rules even infidelity…. Learn the 11 rules of infidelity you should never break!!!!

Chapter ten: My top 4 ways to free up time that won’t make your spouse suspicious- Probably the most difficult issue to deal with when you have a secret lover, find out how to effectively free up time so your spouse won’t become suspicious!!!!

Chapter eleven: 5 things that will set off red flags and make your partner suspicious- Find out the behaviors that are dead giveaways to your partner and how to avoid them!!!!

Final words: Matthew ends the book with his final thoughts on love and infidelity and gives one last piece of advice that will knock you out of your seat!!!!

Get your copy now and find out what it is that has so many people in a uproar!!!!

Smh what is this world coming to? From publicity stunt marriages to guys peddling products teaching you how to successfully cheat on your wife. Damn shame.

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