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Does Watching P0RN Make Men Cheat? According To This New Study It Does

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So according to this study conducted by researchers at the University of Central Florida watching p0rn makes men more likely to cheat and here’s the main reason why told by the lead researcher:

According to study author A Marlea Gwinn, of the¬†University of Central Florida, p0rn offers men access to no-strings-attached s*x, often with multiple highly attractive partners. Even though a man knows that it’s all make-believe, p0rn reinforces the idea that there are many attractive options besides his partner. The erotic images also trigger an instinct to reproduce, but with multiple s*x partners and not in a loving, steady¬†relationship, adds Gwinn.

Makes sense to me. Ladies it might be time to put the adult content block on the internet and burn his p0rn stash lol.

Click here for more details from this study.

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