What The Gift He Gave You Says About Your Relationship

What The Gift He Gave You Says About Your Relationship

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Since the beginning of time women have been trying to read men’s minds. But since mind reading is not an option, what women do is they find different ways to decipher men’s emotions in basically every situation. Starting with the way they talk and what they say, how they hold hands and many others things. But one thing seems to stand above all, women are highly interested in what their men feel about their relationships.

What a man feels about a woman can be shown in many ways. Sometimes little gestures can tell more than big words.

For example, realizing it or not, men express their feelings through the presents they give their girlfriends and wives. You can indeed read your man’s mind and see what he is thinking about your relationship by the gifts he gives you.

Let’s check out some gifts that speak for themselves.


A man who doesn’t care that much about a woman wouldn’t go for a very expensive present. If he gives you a piece of jewelry, this says you’re special to him and he wants you to have a special present. Diamond earrings, for example, are a sign that you’re a few steps away from a marriage. Picture them as a bit more casual version of a diamond ring.

A pet.

If a man gives you a dog or other pet, this shows his willingness to create a home with you, starting with the responsibility of taking care of a pet together. If this is his present to you, be sure that he is very serious about your relationship.


Now this here can be quite a confusing gift. In a way it means that what he sees in you is sex appeal, which is good but not enough for a strong relationship between two people. On the other hand, this present might also mean that he wants to spice up your sex life a bit, which shows his will to work on your relationship. It matters very much what the occasion is. If he gives you lingerie for no reason, this makes it a nice gesture which implies you’re sexy and he thinks about that. But giving you this present for Christmas is somehow wrong when it comes to relationships. A Christmas present should be something warm and nice, coming from the heart, and not something that screams sex.

Something he made.

It’s clear your man is really into you if he gives you something hand-made by him. Putting the effort to make something you like says a lot of things – he knows what you like, so he listens to you; he wants to create something unique just for you; he’s sweet and considerate.

Home appliance.

Unless you told your man you really want a blender, this surely isn’t the best present to show you his love with. This gift means he took the easy way, which shows he’s not that passionate about surprising you and doing something special for you. Of course, it doesn’t mean he’s not in love with you but it definitely shows he’s not a very creative person.

A song/poem.

Do we even have to say it? It’s more than obvious that if your man writes you a song or a poem, he’s madly in love with you and he finds you very special. Actually, even if he borrowed an already existing song, this gesture is still something a woman would totally fall for. Lucky you if your man does this.

A book.

Even if you are a devoted reader, giving you a book for some occasion is not the best idea a man can come up with. A book says more ‘you’re a good friend’ than ‘you’re my love’. However, it depends a lot on your and his idea of reading. If you are passionate about reading and this book he gave you symbolizes a more profound idea that only the two of you are aware of, then his gift indeed shows his love.

There are many ways for women to try and guess what their men think about their relationship. Gifts are a good way to find out what your man feels about you. Are you looking forward to the next gift?

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