7 Signs You Finally Found Love

7 Signs You Finally Found Love

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Aristotle used to say love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Honore de Balzac felt that ‘A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.’ Real love is unconditional. There are dozens of beautiful definitions that have been given for love throughout the centuries, and many people have expressed their own views on the most powerful force on earth.

But how can you tell you have come across true love, or just fallen in lust? There are plenty of love gurus, relationship experts, books, and guides that promise to help people clearly identify love and obtain it.

Over and over again these 7 signs are mentioned so I decided to compile them.

But before we get started let me say this… Make sure you cherish what you have for as long as you can if you discover that what you are experiencing is in fact, love.

What is love? 1. You are inexplicably comfortable with one another.

Even though you might not have known one another for a great deal of time you feel very comfortable whenever you talk or hang out. In fact, it feels like you’ve known each other for many years even though you have recently met and the feeling is uncanny.

This is one of the most obvious signs that you might have found true love. That warm feeling of familiarity that takes control of you whenever you discover that you share the same beliefs, life philosophies, personal, professional goals, and values. You feel like you have already met, maybe in another life.

2. You wish you could be together all the time.

You hate it when your dates end and you go back to your homes separately. And you both equally sacrifice to get together every chance you get. Plus, you like to constantly inquire about each other’s work, schedule, and daily routines. You love just how stimulating and cheerful your conversations are. You stimulate one another intellectually and spiritually. These are all clear indicators that you have hit the jackpot in the love department. Ladies, hold on to what you’ve got, cause it’s most likely real love, especially if…

3. You are constantly appreciating and nurturing one another.

If you are both always joking around with each other, appreciating each other qualities, you are two love birds no one should separate.

4. You are able to accept his faults.

If your man makes a minor mistake and you don’t blow up on him in disappointment or anger, but rather accept and embrace the fact that he isn’t perfect, you’ve probably found true love. True, unconditional love does not care about who did what wrong, and it is pretty much blind to small mistakes. The same goes for your own faults and your man’s reciprocal acceptance.

What is love?5. You are spontaneous.

True love will make you happy, cheerful, positive, and it should make you do all kind of crazy things when you are around your lover. True love breeds spontaneity.

6. You fight to keep the flame burning.

Even though you might have known each other for a while now, you still don’t want to let the passion fade away and slowly die. So you are both doing everything in your power to spice things up both romantically and sexually.

You read books, ask for advice, communicate with one another and express your feelings in ways you never did before. This is an extremely important sign that it is true love you have found. Otherwise, you both wouldn’t nurture the relationship so carefully.

7. You give and don’t expect anything in return.

This is also an excellent sign that you are experiencing real, unconditional love. You are able to sacrifice without ever expecting for your partner to do anything in return. Seeing beyond your own physical or emotional needs and being able to simply nurture your man with the care, attention, and you receive similar treatment on his end means that you both truly love each other.


Look for all of these signs inside your own relationship and do not settle for anything less. Your true love is someplace out there, you just need to take your time and carefully search for it.

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