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Dating Inside Your Race But Outside Of Your Cultural Heritage- A Recipe For Disaster?

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For single black men and women living in racially and ethnically diverse cities and states such as Florida, Texas, California and many others, the choice of a partner for a date presents a rich and assorted decision. With the opportunity to date within your own cultural group, choose a date from a different but closely related background, or go out with someone from a completely different ethnic or racial group.

When courting and dating, just for the fun of it, as most people do when they are young, the racial and ethnic origin tends not to matter so much, however, when dating with a view of a long term relationship that could lead to marriage or having a family together, serious questions that tend not to be asked before a relationship gets serious are asked at this stage, one  such question could well be where you dream retirement destination would be.

Dating within the same racial group but different cultural background , say between a black person of African American origin and another black person of Caribbean decent, can be full of fun and adventure;  you have so much in common from your not to dissimilar heritage, yet you are very different culturally.

Still using an African American and a Caribbean dating couple as an example, should the relationship get to that important crucial stage when the couple are considering setting up a home together, some of the differences including the example question of where the couple may want to retire to can be problematic to answer. If both couples are attached to their different roots, the one from America might want to stay in the United States while the other may feel the Caribbean is where the final home should be.

There are several other reasons and issues that could prove the fact that just because a couple are both black does not necessarily guarantee the success of a relationship. One regularly occurring issue is that of ambition. People from some African countries are known to be fiercely ambitious, as in work and success is placed above everything else, that attitude is sure to be a turn off for many people.

But don’t feel tpo discouraged if your relationship hits a rough patch. No relationship is ever perfect, every relationship, even between people of the same culture and similar social background has its ups and downs, it is not big news that there will be differences and obstacles in the relationship of two black people from different cultural origin, but the same rings true for almost all relationships.

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