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Gift Idea: The Perfect Toy For The Gamer In Your Life

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If your boyfriend is a gamer he will immediately enjoy the Xbox One. This console features a token code used to unlock the Day One achievement, a commemorative controller, and also premium packaging that comes at no extra costs.

The Kinect motion control accompanies every Xbox One, and it has been designed and completely reinvented so that it can enable vision and motion technologies second to none, and also amazingly intuitive voice technologies that are more precise than ever.

Plus, the new Xbox runs on 8GB of RAM and the GPU and CPU combo is a powerful one that is controlled by the new fast, powerful, and agile OS architecture.

Players will enjoy spectacular award-winning games like Call of Duty: Ghosts. With this device you can also watch TV, Netflix, Hulu, and surf the internet.

Great gift for anybody that enjoys video games and streaming entertainment.

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