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Where Should We Celebrate Our First Christmas As A Couple? Torn Between His Family And Mine

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Spending your first Christmas together as a couple is a wonderful thing. Enjoying the warm feeling of being together at this lovely occasion can easily make you feel even closer. But there’s one little problem – both yours and his family want you to be there at their places for the holidays and you are not sure what to do about it. You don’t want your Christmas spirit killed because you are caught between the wants of two families. That’s why you should carefully plan your holiday in advance and not let anyone down.

Once you come together as a couple, it’s important to carefully plan such important celebrations or any event in general. Both sides of the family want to make the best of Christmas and spend as much time with you both as possible. It’s nice to know that your presence is important to both families but having in mind all the preparation you have to do for Christmas, all the people that you don’t want to disappoint and want to show respect to by visiting them, you realize you simply can’t do everything in such a short period of time. Here we give you some tips on how to ensure your first Christmas together runs smoothly.

Make A Decision

It’s important to decide in advance where you are going to spend Christmas. It’s more than normal that both families want you two there to spend the holidays with them, therefore you have to plan everything accordingly. In the case that both families live in the same city, this will make it much easier, since you will be able to spend some time with everyone. But if they live in different cities, you will have to make sure you don’t make the decision in the last moment.

Be Ready For Someone To Be Disappointed

It’s normal for both families to want to spend Christmas with the new married couple. However, it’s not always possible to manage visiting everyone you would like to. That’s why you have to plan it well and choose the family you’re going to spend Christmas with. You can visit the other family before Christmas, for example, and still get to spend some time with them. However, there might be disappointed family members, unfortunately there’s not much you can do about it since you simply can’t be everywhere at the same time. Don’t try to satisfy everyone’s feelings because in the end you will drive yourself crazy running from one place to another. To reduce the disappointment factor, let both families know your plans in advance and suggest other options to spend time together.

Keep Your ‘Us’ Time

Of course you’d like to visit everyone and spend enough time with both yours and his family, but this means that you’ll be hardly able to find any private time for the two of you. Since this is your first Christmas together as a couple, you might want to create your own special moment together on this lovely occasion. That’s why you have to make sure you reserve some time that just the two of you can enjoy together.

Author Bio: Jessica Conars works for a company that provides full cleaning Kensington. She writes about love and relationships in her free time and will be spending the holidays with her family in the city in which she grew up.

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