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Woman Kills Herself After Sending Husband A Text Message Intended For Her Lover

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Wow crazy and sad story right here:

A policewoman serving at the local Police station in Bodmin, North Cornwall, U.K. committed suicide because she mistakenly sent a text message to her husband that had been intended for her lover.

Gail Crocker, who had been with her husband Peter for over 30 years, had spent a night with her lover. She intended to send him a message of thanks for the wonderful evening they had spent together and tell him that she wished they could spend more evenings in each others company.

However, instead of sending the text to her policeman colleague, the 46-year-old policewoman sent the text to her husband who was on a business trip in London, U.K.

When Peter Crocker returned home to St. Stephen, Cornwall the next day, he said that he found his wife in tears and she was apologizing to him profusely. He added that she told him that this was the first time in their 30 years together that she had been unfaithful to him and would not do it again.

However, during an argument the next day, the policewoman’s husband threw his cell phone on the floor and smashed it. When he went out of the house to buy another phone, his wife, Gail, slipped out of the house and drove off in her Audi car.

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