Beauty Tips For Black Women- How To Improve Your Looks Without Expensive Products

Beauty Tips For Black Women- How To Improve Your Looks Without Expensive Products

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The majority of people think to look younger and improve their looks buying expensive products and getting cosmetic procedures is the only option, (a idea fueled by the beauty industry.) But this is far from reality. These procedures are often painful while some are so costly that an average person can’t afford them. Moreover, the point that most of us miss is that these procedures can leave you with a artificial look instead of giving you what you likely want which is beauty that appears natural. Instead of going with expensive products and procedures, first try these simple tips to improve your overall beauty.

  • The number one tip is treating the area around your eyes. Treatment of the eye-area will work great for you because this is a very thin area as compared to the rest of your face which causes wrinkles to form easily and quickly here. As your eye-area is very delicate, you can treat wrinkles with eye serums and creams. But before you do that let’s talk about overall skin care
  • For skin care, there are several types of oils available. Argan, jojoba, grape seed oil, but my top pick is pure virgin olive oil. Use of virgin olive oil is excellent to keep your skin tight and hydrated. Another great benefit of using this oil is that it will control acne. Don’t believe me? Check out the two videos below, the woman is 70 and the man is 109 years old!

  • As you seen from the videos above a big part of the reason she looks so good in her old age is her diet. Your skin cells replenish themselves by using what they can find in your body. If your body is deficient of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, your skin will look dull. I suggest you buy a juicer and start juicing fresh fruits to give yourself that nutrient boost everyone needs to keep their skin healthy and young.
  • Exfoliating should be a part of every woman’s skin care routine. Use of facial scrubs will help you remove dull and dead skin cells to reveal a brighter look. My favorite is this 100% natural scrub by Alba Botanica. Another great benefit of exfoliating is it will remove clogged pores that cause acne. Do this 2-3 times a month because if you make this a excessive routine it will damage your skin.
  • Keeping your body toned can help you look younger. Following regular exercise routines will not only keep you looking young, but will also make you feel younger too!
  • Last but not least don’t overuse makeup. Makeup is known to clog pores and strip skin of its moisture and natural beauty. Minimize your makeup use as much as possible. And especially avoid makeups that contain dye, fragrance, paraben, and sulfate, as these are the main ingredients that cause the negative effects.

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