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Poem: BLACK ON BLACK LOVE By: Mary Brown

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If ever there was a twist of fate
Or destiny for a chosen mate;
If ever there was a purer event
Found in two people that were heaven sent…

With ebony covered palms,
And dark brownish skin,
It is the awesome wonder;
I find in my black men.

With a voice so strong
Echoed with heartened affection;
Quick to touch my heart,
And steer me in the right direction!

Her hair is thick and course,
Her curls are tossed to and fro.
It is my queen at my side,
Not fearing to be called ‘negro’

The two of us are a team,
More than conquerors in this land.
Prevailing against adversities in life,
Joined hand in hand!

No need to fear it,
Or dodge this gift from above.
It’s the African man and African woman,

Photo Courtesy Of Muriel Heard-Collier

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